How To Spell hike?

Correct spelling: hike

What does the abbreviation hike mean?

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What are the rhymes for hike?

  1. pyke, bike, like, reich, strike, psych, fyke, dyke, wyke, wike, eick, fike, tyke, pike, eike, mike, spike, dike, tike, ike;
  2. unlike, alike, dislike, vandyke;

What are the translations for hike?

Arabic word for Hike

تَـجَوُّلٌ فِي الرِّيفِ.

Bengali word for Hike


Dutch words for Hike

lopen, wandelen, wandeling, verhoging, stijgen, hiken, tocht, trektocht, ophijsen, wandeltocht, optrekken, omhooggaan, voettocht, voetreis.

French words for Hike

hausser, randonner, relever, marcher, balade, excursion, marche à pied, trotte.

German words for Hike

Anstieg, wandern, Fahrt, Wanderung, Augmentation, Promenade, Trekken.

Greek word for Hike


Italian word for Hike


Japanese word for Hike


Korean word for Hike


Malay words for Hike

Kenaikan, Mendaki.

Norwegian word for Hike


Portuguese words for Hike

caminhar, caminhada.

Romanian word for Hike

plimbare de agrement.

Spanish words for Hike

subir, aumentar, aumento, subida, incrementar, incremento, marcha, paseo, senderismo, caminar, hacer senderismo, escalada, caminata, andar, alza, repunte, hacer una caminata, ir de caminata, hacer una excursión, hacer caminatas, hacer excursiones, dar caminatas.

Swedish word for Hike


Tamil word for Hike


Ukrainian word for Hike

прогулянка пішки.

Vietnamese word for Hike

cuộc đi bộ đường dài.