How To Spell tableau?

Correct spelling: tableau

What is the definition of tableau?

  1. The arrangement, or layout, of cards.

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What are the quotes for tableau?

  1. Indeed, history is nothing more than a tableau of crimes and misfortunes.

What are the rhymes for tableau?

  1. yoe, truffaut, plateau, know, loh, devaux, chateau, luo, marceau, gogh, monroe, ko, tallyho, poe, tho, undergo, loewe, strow, oh, woe, gro, fro, uno, tableaux, stow, roe, sgro, go, gloe, crow, bordeaux, though, renaud, defoe, sloe, lo, joe, peugeot, cloe, munro, vo, wo, cho, tarot, bestow, show, cro, escoe, poh, mau, chateaux, cousteau, toe, hoh, thibault, goe, forego, noe, zoh, plough, below, loe, tow, doe, beau, giraud, bo, low, doh, dau, mow, thoreau, whoa, eau, flow, kayo, lowe, ow, o', loew, rouleau, jo, yoh, nau, snow, margaux, beaux, coe, hello, trow, kyo, glo, slow, floe, yau, quo, aux, yo, papo, blow, perot, sow, roh, bowe, bow, pro, sew, kowtow, rideau, escrow, grow, flo, so-so, mo, outgrow, gau, rho, rowe, joh, rondeau, stowe, noh, ngo, inco, co, glow, ho, bro, moe, row, goh, throw, forgo, nouveau, ro, turbot, owe, hoe, bio, koh, foe, tso, dough, tyo, au, boe, cabo, so, chau;
  2. arnault, miro, arnaud, pernod, renault, although, ago, aglow;
  3. taekwondo, overflow, imo, ivo, eeo, apropos;
  4. celo;

What are the translations for tableau?

Bengali word for Tableau

মনের উপরে স্পষ্ট ছবির ন্যায় ছাপ.

Chinese word for Tableau


Dutch words for Tableau

voorstelling, tafereel, verbeelding, vertoning.

French word for Tableau


German words for Tableau

Bild, Tableau, Szene, Standbild, lebendes Bild.

Hindi word for Tableau


Italian word for Tableau

quadro vivente.

Japanese word for Tableau


Marathi word for Tableau


Norwegian word for Tableau


Romanian word for Tableau


Spanish word for Tableau

cuadro vivo.

Swedish word for Tableau


Turkish word for Tableau


Vietnamese word for Tableau

phong cảnh trên sân khấu.