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How To Spell emulation?

Correct spelling: emulation

Definition of emulation:

  1. effort to equal or surpass another

List of misspellings for emulation:

  • imagatiaton,
  • humliation,
  • emailaccount,
  • melachony,
  • evalation,
  • humiluation,
  • humuliation,
  • implamation,
  • imation,
  • evaultion,
  • emation,
  • illumation,
  • amuniation,
  • immiation,
  • avaulation,
  • cumulation,
  • ompletion,
  • demolation,
  • evalotion,
  • ampuation,
  • opulation,
  • emoution,
  • evualation,
  • ecalation,
  • amimation,
  • humliiation,
  • emption,
  • amulation,
  • escelation,
  • cummulation,
  • evulation,
  • emmulating,
  • ammunation,
  • emitation,
  • emultion,
  • eveluation,
  • imaiation,
  • amunation,
  • emolsion,
  • emmition,
  • evaualtion,
  • evluation,
  • amutation,
  • impation,
  • humulation,
  • eveualtion,
  • humeliation,
  • evauluation,
  • evulotion,
  • humiltion,
  • humilation,
  • emoption,
  • iflation,
  • ambaulation,
  • implimation,
  • emunition,
  • imagation,
  • immuization,
  • acumilation,
  • emaotion,
  • evualtion,
  • elimation,
  • comilation,
  • emotition,
  • ambualtion,
  • familairtion,
  • ecaluation,
  • emedation,
  • emulations,
  • apluation,
  • ambuation,
  • humalition,
  • evolation,
  • evaulation,
  • imiation,
  • emtion,
  • esalation,
  • imergation,
  • emomtion,
  • escilation,
  • elimiation,
  • acummulation,
  • emmaculation,
  • emtotion,
  • imageation,
  • humilulation,
  • assmilation,
  • emostion,
  • emolition,
  • artiulation,
  • evaliation,
  • ealuation,
  • homologation,
  • acumulation,
  • imflamation,
  • evlution,
  • fomulation,
  • evualuation,
  • estimulation,
  • eealuation.

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Rhymes for emulation:

  1. dissertation, reexamination, stagnation, optation, generalization, avocation, intoxication, maximization, flotation, expropriation, extrapolation, aviation, deprivation, migration, valuation, representation, rationalization, preoccupation, relation, civilization, moderation, identification, saponification, accumulation, modulation, incubation, disinclination, punctuation, backwardation, communication, collaboration, medication, desecration, corporation, organisation, procreation, mutilation, interpretation, assimilation, collectivization, fertilization, capitulation, invalidation, fluoridation, inflation, rejuvenation, translation, colonization, combination, intimidation, differentiation, regimentation, disinflation, recalculation, germination, triangulation, presentation, hibernation, pagination, summation, exoneration, sedimentation, temptation, conciliation, depravation, approbation, sequestration, dilation, ministration, exhumation, crustacean, location, proliferation, sanitation, unionization, dehumanization, demonization, equitation, equivocation, deregulation, inhalation, devastation, conversation, frustration, overpopulation, alienation, decontamination, derivation, coronation, deliberation, innovation, distillation, reputation, irritation, congregation, appreciation, publication, titillation, vocation, designation, detoxification, commendation, origination, flirtation, association, propagation, duration, coagulation, infestation, occupation, echolocation, optimization, rededication, domestication, motivation, escalation, rumination, molestation, nucleation, orchestration, insubordination, improvisation, reinterpretation, correlation, termination, complication, reconsideration, degeneration, affectation, legislation, confirmation, respiration, privation, appalachian, securitization, culmination, calculation, nullification, horatian, observation, notation, formation, approximation, agitation, precipitation, hyperinflation, socialization, exclamation, authentication, disputation, habitation, reflation, suffocation, evaporation, mitigation, hallucination, reparation, affrication, ligation, miscommunication, ostentation, fascination, eradication, annotation, manifestation, perturbation, desolation, intimation, self-congratulation, commemoration, hydrogenation, criminalization, revitalization, nomination, elimination, reaffiliation, fortification, miseration, perpetuation, vegetation, refutation, insinuation, excitation, mediation, fibrillation, reforestation, implantation, reclassification, reorganization, integration, disembarkation, inactivation, evocation, application, demobilization, determination, fabrication, exhalation, certification, cohabitation, modernization, divination, pressurization, inspiration, discoloration, limitation, compilation, quotation, redecoration, preparation, navigation, codification, prognostication, litigation, immunization, infatuation, inclination, humiliation, glorification, recreation, misinterpretation, sarmatian, consideration, multiplication, exhortation, commercialization, aggravation, variation, procrastination, immigration, filtration, elaboration, devaluation, syndication, stipulation, stabilization, centralization, adjudication, anticipation, corp, bifurcation, appropriation, utilization, misidentification, russification, proclamation, profanation, oration, gastrulation, recrimination, restoration, excommunication, confrontation, conglomeration, installation, repudiation, destination, neutralization, saturation, nondiscrimination, consternation, subordination, dissemination, dissociation, condensation, fixation, excavation, remuneration, usurpation, instrumentation, remediation, imagination, transportation, formulation, information, decertification, resignation, renunciation, electrification, decoration, amortization, sterilization, ornamentation, invitation, cremation, recantation, permutation, graduation, contemplation, situation, purification, malformation, ejaculation, disorientation, operation, deflation, incorporation, indexation, oscillation, gentrification, amplification, explanation, consolation, subsidization, negation, sophistication, automation, declaration, mummification, taxation, misrepresentation, exaggeration, incoordination, foundation, congratulation, allegation, gratification, revaluation, categorization, calibration, affiliation, overvaluation, reevaluation, qualification, depopulation, discrimination, gyration, configuration, gradation, incarceration, validation, suburbanization, ordination, education, confabulation, cooperation, sedation, transillumination, affirmation, elation, arbitration, elongation, federation, mutation, incrustation, dilatation, legalization, dalmatian, proration, infiltration, emigration, palpitation, concentration, visualization, defamation, justification, pacification, quantification, depreciation, advocation, reaffirmation, libration, obligation, exploration, enumeration, marginalization, degradation, intensification, separation, documentation, subluxation, radiation, dispensation, rehabilitation, indication, desegregation, convocation, transformation, characterization, politicization, desiccation, figuration, incapacitation, computerization, articulation, rectification, conjugation, augmentation, maturation, evaluation, christianization, deviation, prostration, pasteurization, classification, regeneration, impersonation, emanation, orientation, imputation, invocation, ionization, hesitation, cancellation, miscalculation, vacillation, exhilaration, preservation, indentation, implication, alleviation, reconfiguration, ovation, nitration, edification, tabulation, ventilation, manipulation, menstruation, elevation, retaliation, insemination, vibration, magnification, falsification, recertification, reconfirmation, sensation, population, indoctrination, negotiation, refrigeration, inundation, reservation, pontification, replication, investigation, revelation, amelioration, simplification, authorization, polarization, notification, realization, facilitation, delegation, alteration, illumination, reincarnation, jubilation, exploitation, discontinuation, renegotiation, reiteration, incantation, altercation, isolation, reauthorization, privatization, diversification, inoculation, lubrication, depredation, recommendation, delineation, repatriation, organization, strangulation, rehydration, stagflation, normalization, annexation, reformation, violation, deceleration, vaccination, exfoliation, revocation, prefabrication, deformation, assassination, consecration, laceration, miniaturization, reclamation, explication, implementation, fermentation, recuperation, substantiation, popularization, adaptation, demodulation, amalgamation, demarcation, demoralization, denationalization, creation, liberation, privatisation, hybridization, dictation, salvation, expatriation, interrogation, democratization, stimulation, recitation, coordination, dislocation, allocation, regulation, plantation, pigmentation, deportation, segregation, consultation, liberalization, starvation, retardation, rotation, nationalization, registration, lactation, equalization, standardization, personalization, amputation, trepidation, damnation, irrigation, undervaluation, vacation, animation, obfuscation, domination, resuscitation, vindication, duplication, adulation, dehydration, celebration, harmonization, telecommunication, transplantation, stalinization, evacuation, gestation, unification, premeditation, desperation, conservation, donation, deification, admiration, indemnification, participation, probation, fragmentation, simulation, coloration, verification, machination, confederation, denunciation, vulgarization, inhabitation, consolidation, miscreation, oxidation, renomination, disqualification, specification, aspiration, reverberation, solicitation, detonation, hospitalization, croatian, connotation, adoration, vilification, segmentation, ratification, disinformation, relocation, intonation, continuation, agglomeration, argumentation, vaporization, mobilization, protestation, incrimination, imitation, confiscation, incarnation, reunification, relaxation, ramification, sanctification, fluctuation, renovation, granulation, decapitation, annihilation, pollination, cultivation, dramatization, narration, dissipation, inauguration, compensation, reconciliation, westernization, cogitation, decentralization, reinvigoration, misinformation, irradiation, liquidation, localization, examination, generation, dedication, insulation, emancipation, magnetization, gravitation, communization, gasification, impregnation, estimation, misappropriation, visitation, naturalization, victimization, perforation, demonstration, destabilization, desalination, exasperation, perspiration, globalization, provocation, clarification, tribulation, hydration, corroboration, mechanization, disintegration, reallocation, computation, initiation, consummation, concatenation, exacerbation, experimentation, speculation, levitation, modification, balkanization, glaciation, toleration, masturbation, condemnation, appellation, deforestation, industrialization, pronunciation, desalinization, embarkation, foliation, mineralization, fumigation, constipation, expiration, specialization, disorganization, urbanization, meditation, inflammation, instigation, extermination, expectation, contamination, nonproliferation, misapplication, monopolization, importation, illustration, ovulation, personification, indignation, predestination, denomination, constellation, ossification, conflagration;
  2. nation, haitian, station, ration;
  3. castration, alsatian, cetacean, citation, cessation, carnation, causation;
  4. abdication, accusation, abrogation, activation, aberration, acclimation;
  5. abbreviation, abomination, accreditation, acceleration, accommodation;
  6. alphabetization, acidification, cannibalization, capitalization;
  7. decriminalization, americanization, antidiscrimination, demilitarization;
  8. internationalization, institutionalization;

Translations for emulation:

Afrikaans word for Emulation


Arabic word for Emulation


Bengali word for Emulation


Dutch words for Emulation

emulatie, wedijver, navolging.

French word for Emulation


German words for Emulation

Nachfolge, Nachbildung, Imitation, Nachahmung, nacheifern, Emulation, Wetteifer, Nacheiferung.

Greek word for Emulation


Italian word for Emulation


Japanese word for Emulation


Korean word for Emulation


Malay word for Emulation


Polish word for Emulation


Portuguese word for Emulation


Romanian word for Emulation

de emulare.

Russian words for Emulation

эмуляция, подражание.

Swedish word for Emulation


Turkish word for Emulation


Ukrainian word for Emulation


Vietnamese word for Emulation

thi đua.