How To Spell author?

Correct spelling: author

What are the common typos for author?

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What is the definition of author?

  1. be the author of; "She authored this play"

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This graph shows how "author" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

What are the rhymes for author?

  1. rother;

What are the translations for author?

Afrikaans word for Author


Arabic word for Author


Dutch words for Author

schrijver, schrijfster, schepper, opsteller, dader.

French words for Author

responsable, auteur, auteure, concepteur, créatrice, romancier, romancière, initiateur, instigateur, instigatrice.

German words for Author

verfassen, hervorbringen, schreiben, Autor, Autorin, Verfasser, Schriftsteller, Schriftstellerin, Schreiber, Urheber, Verfasserin.

Greek word for Author


Hindi word for Author


Italian words for Author

scrittore, autore.

Japanese words for Author

作者, 作成者, 筆者, 執筆者, オーサー, 原著者, ひっしゃ, さくしゃ, げんちょしゃ, 刻する, しっぴつしゃ, こくする, さくせいしゃ, 撰者.

Korean word for Author


Marathi word for Author


Norwegian word for Author


Russian words for Author

автор, писатель, aвтор, сценарист, творец.

Spanish words for Author

autora, escritor, escritora, artífice, creadora, authigenic.

Swedish word for Author


Turkish word for Author


Ukrainian word for Author


Vietnamese word for Author

tác giả.