How To Spell either?

Correct spelling: either

What is the definition of either?

  1. after a negative statement used as an intensive meaning something like `likewise' or `also'; "he isn't stupid, but he isn't exactly a genius either"; "I don't know either"; "if you don't order dessert I won't either"

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What are the rhymes for either?

  1. tither, neither, breather;

What are the translations for either?

Arabic word for Either

فَوْقَ ذَلِك.

Bengali word for Either


Chinese word for Either


French words for Either

non plus, l'un ou l'autre, bien.

German words for Either

ebenso, entweder, beide, einer von beiden, jede, jeder, beides.

Greek word for Either


Italian words for Either

sia, nemmeno, neppure, neanche.

Japanese words for Either

どちらか, どちらも, どっちか, ・・・もまた.

Javanese word for Either

Salah siji.

Korean word for Either

...도 또한 ...아니다.

Marathi word for Either


Norwegian word for Either


Polish word for Either


Portuguese words for Either

ambos, um ou outro, tampouco.

Romanian word for Either


Russian words for Either

любой (из двух), что-нибудь, кто-нибудь.

Spanish words for Either

O, o bien, tampoco, cualquiera, cualquiera de los dos, alguno, ya.

Swedish word for Either