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How To Spell scope?

Correct spelling: scope

List of misspellings for scope:

  • accpe,
  • scoopt,
  • skeep,
  • scorse,
  • scype,
  • scote,
  • sooke,
  • scorpon,
  • sopke,
  • scapel,
  • ascape,
  • schoes,
  • scoopped,
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  • caope,
  • sjpwm,
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What does the abbreviation scope mean?

Related words for scope

Hope Scope


Album by David Murray

Hope Scope is an album by David Murray's Octet recorded in 1987 and be released on the Italian Black Saint label in 1991. It was the fourteenth album by Murray to be released on Black Saint and the fifth to feature his Octet and features performances by Murray, Rasul Siddik, Hugh Ragin, Craig Harris, James Spaulding, Dave Burrell, Wilber Morris and Ralph Peterson, Jr..



Studio album by Phil Manzanera

K-Scope is the second studio album by Phil Manzanera.

Scope Beck



Scope Beck is a minor river in the county of Cumbria in England. The beck runs through Little Dale, a valley between the mountains of Hindscarth and Robinson, in a north north easterly direction.

Sekolah High/Scope Indonesia


School in South Jakarta, Indonesia

Sekolah HighScope Indonesia is a national-plus school based in Jakarta, Indonesia, established in 1996. The director is Antarina S.F. Amir.

Super Scope 6


Video game

Super Scope 6, known as Nintendo Scope 6 in Europe and Australia, was the title Nintendo bundled with the Super Scope for the Super NES. As the name suggests, the cartridge contains six games that require the Super Scope to play.

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Examples of usage for scope:

  1. Service aviation is bound by technical and financial limits; its scope confined to the requirements of war.

Rhymes for scope:

  1. soap, rope, mope, shope, kope, slope, tope, lope, grope, pope, nope, hope, cope, sope;
  2. elope;

Translations for scope:

Afrikaans words for Scope

bereik, skop.

Chinese words for Scope

天地, 幅度, 范畴, 畛域.

Dutch words for Scope

schaal, omvang, reikwijdte, toepassingsgebied, draagwijdte.

French word for Scope


German words for Scope

Umfang, Bereich, Rahmen, Geltungsbereich, Spielraum, Oszilloskop, Leistungsumfang, Anwendungsbereich, Möglichkeiten, Bandbreite, Raum, Reichweite, Ausmaß, Tragweite, Gültigkeitsbereich, Handlungsspielraum, Zuständigkeitsbereich, Betrachtungsumfang, Oszillograph, Skala, Freiraum.

Hindi word for Scope


Italian words for Scope

portata, estensione, sfera.

Japanese words for Scope

スコープ, 対象範囲, 有効範囲, ゆうこうはんい, たいしょうはんい.

Javanese word for Scope


Norwegian word for Scope


Polish word for Scope


Portuguese words for Scope

competência, liberdade de ação.

Romanian word for Scope

domeniul de aplicare.

Russian words for Scope

рамки, возможность.

Spanish words for Scope

alcance, ámbito, examinar, objetivo, gama, envergadura, marco, finalidad, espacio, cobertura, campo, magnitud, escala, oportunidad, posibilidad, posibilidades, presencia, margen, espectro, perímetro, definición, campo de acción, campo de aplicación, dimensión, margen de actuación, radio de influencia, mira.

Turkish word for Scope