How To Spell extension?

Correct spelling: extension

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What is the definition of extension?

  1. an addition to the length of something

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What are the translations for extension?

Arabic word for Extension


Bengali word for Extension


Dutch words for Extension

toestel, aanvulling, aansluiting, uitstel, uitbreiding, toevoeging, verlenging, verlengstuk, voortzetting, bijgebouw, extensie, aanbouw, uitbouw, verruiming.

French word for Extension


German word for Extension


Greek word for Extension


Italian words for Extension

estensione, proroga, derivazione, allungamento, ampliamento, prolungamento, allargamento, prolunga, espansione.

Japanese words for Extension

延長, 拡張, エクステンション, 伸展, 増設, 伸長, 延伸, 拡張部分, 伸張, ひきのばし, 外延, かくちょうぶぶん, 引延ばし, 伸暢, 引伸ばし, ぞうせつ, がいえん, 引き延ばし, しんちょう, えんちょう, えんしん, 引き伸ばし, 増築.

Malay word for Extension


Norwegian word for Extension


Polish words for Extension

rozszerzenie, przedłużenie, rozbudowa, wydłużenie, prolongata, dobudówka, rozciągnięcie, powiększenie, poszerzenie.

Romanian word for Extension


Russian words for Extension

расширение, удлинитель, натягивание.

Swedish word for Extension


Vietnamese word for Extension

phòng cơi nới.