How To Spell scoop?

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What does the abbreviation scoop mean?

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What are the rhymes for scoop?

  1. snoop, coupe, swoop, roop, troupe, drupe, coop, soup, loup, boop, shoop, stoop, group, lupe, stoup, croup, sloop, droop, hoop, koop, whoop, swoope, loupe, goop, troop, dupe, houp, loop, doupe;
  2. recoup, regroup, arup;
  3. guadalupe, guadeloupe;

What are the translations for scoop?

Afrikaans word for Scoop


Arabic word for Scoop


Bengali word for Scoop


Chinese words for Scoop

勺, 汤杓.

Dutch words for Scoop

schep, primeur, lepel, nieuwtje, ijslepel.

French words for Scoop

servir, boule, écope, pelle, cuiller, pelletée, cuillère à boule, boule à glace.

German words for Scoop

Schaufel, Scoop, Kugel, Exklusivbericht, Knüller, schaufeln, baggern, Portionierer, Kelle, Schöpfkelle, Schöpfbecher, Schöpfgefäß, Schippe, Baggereimer, Schlenzer, guter Fang, erster, exklusiver Bericht einer Zeitung, Baggerlöffel, Wasserschöpfer, Spatel, Schöpflöffel, Exklusivmeldung, Erstmeldung, Schöpfeimer, schlenzen.

Greek word for Scoop


Hindi word for Scoop


Italian word for Scoop

cucchiaio dosatore.

Japanese words for Scoop

スクープ, スコップ, 掬う, 特ダネ, くり, とくダネ, とくだね, 特種.

Malay words for Scoop

Bungkus, Sudu.

Marathi word for Scoop


Polish word for Scoop


Portuguese words for Scoop

exclusiva, colher, furo jornalístico, cureta.

Russian words for Scoop

совок, черпак, ложечка, ложка, сенсация.

Spanish words for Scoop

recoger, ganar, lucro, retirar, sacar, concha, pala, cuchara, primicia, cucharada, bola, ahuecador, cacito, recogedor, publicar en exclusiva.

Tamil word for Scoop


Ukrainian word for Scoop