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Correct spelling: jack

Definition of jack:

  1. A diminutive of John; a saucy or paltry fellow; a sailor; any instrument that supplies the place of a boy, as a boot- jack; a portable machine for raising great weights through a small space; a contrivance to turn a spit; a young pike; a coat of mail; a pitcher of waxed leather; a small bowl thrown out for a mark to the bowlers; the male of certain animals; a horse or wooden frame on which wood or timber is sawed; the knave of cards; a flag, ensign, or colour, displayed from a staff on the end of a bowsprit. Jack of all trades, a person who can turn his hand to any kind of business. Jack by the hedge, a piant growing under hedges. Jack in a box, a plant; a large wooden male screw, turning in a female one; a figure made to start out of a box. Jack in office, one who assumes authority on account of his office. Jack of the clock- house, a little man that strikes the quarters in a clock. Jack with a lantern, an ignis fatuns, or will- o- the- wisp. Union Jack. See Union.

Common misspellings for jack:

ack, fack.

Jack \j(a)-ck\

Jack as a boy's name is pronounced jak. It is of Old English origin. Name based on John (Hebrew) "God is gracious", or Jacques, the French form of Jacob (Hebrew) "he who supplants". The name has a rugged, down-to-earth aura. Jackie is used more for girls than for boys. Actors Jackie Gleason, Jack Nicholson, Jack Black; comedian Jack Benny; exercise guru Jack LaLanne.
Related names:
jackson, jock, Jaco.
Jackie, Jackman, Jacqin, Jacko, Jacky, Jacq, jak, Jaq.

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Quotes for jack:

  1. My main influences have always been the classic jazz players who sang, like Louis Armstrong and Nat King Cole and Jack Teagarden.
  2. I used to help my granddaddy make sausage. He would mix it up in a cleaned -out washtub with his hands, no gloves. Man, if we did anything like that today, they would jack the jail up and throw us under it.
  3. I just received the following wire from my generous Daddy; Dear Jack, Don't buy a single vote more than is necessary. I'll be damned if I'm going to pay for a landslide.
  4. I'm doing research for a large comic book on the Beat Generation guys- Allen Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac and those guys.
  5. I'm not Jack Nicholson. I'm not Brando. But I do mumble.

Rhymes for jack:

  1. caq, yack, knack, smack, tak, lack, tac, black, pack, haq, clack, zak, quack, rak, track, fac, sac, flack, plack, crack, dack, akc, dac, spak, unpack, stac, trac, sak, mack, zack, flak, lak, trak, ack, pac, mac, shaq, cac, paque, snack, hack, nack, wack, mak, back, braque, jac, shack, sack, pak, rack, brack, slack, whack, bak, wrack, stack, yak, lac, zach, plaque, brac, tack;
  2. knick-knack, attack, arrack, aback, repack;
  3. dak;