How To Spell jack?

Correct spelling: jack

What is the definition of jack?

  1. male donkey

What does the abbreviation jack mean?


Jack as a boy's name is pronounced jak. It is of Old English origin. Name based on John (Hebrew) "God is gracious", or Jacques, the French form of Jacob (Hebrew) "he who supplants". The name has a rugged, down-to-earth aura. Jackie is used more for girls than for boys. Actors Jackie Gleason, Jack Nicholson, Jack Black; comedian Jack Benny; exercise guru Jack LaLanne.

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What are the rhymes for jack?

  1. caq, yack, knack, smack, tak, lack, tac, black, pack, haq, clack, zak, quack, rak, track, fac, sac, flack, plack, crack, dack, akc, dac, spak, unpack, stac, trac, sak, mack, zack, flak, lak, trak, ack, pac, mac, shaq, cac, paque, snack, hack, nack, wack, mak, back, braque, jac, shack, sack, pak, rack, brack, slack, whack, bak, wrack, stack, yak, lac, zach, plaque, brac, tack;
  2. knick-knack, attack, arrack, aback, repack;
  3. dak;

What are the translations for jack?

Arabic word for Jack


Bengali word for Jack


Chinese word for Jack


Dutch words for Jack

stekker, krik, boer, dommekracht, jack.

French words for Jack

connecteur, cochonnet, valet, bambin, mettre sur cric, soulever à l'aide d'un vérin, cric.

German words for Jack

unter, anheben, Klinke, Stecker, Prise, Steckdose, Buchse, Hebevorrichtung, Winde, Wagenheber, aufbocken, Katze, Hengst, Docke, Klinkenstecker, Heber, Zielkugel, Stützbock, Hebebock, Gösch, Bube, Bugflagge, Vorschubpresse, kurzhubiges Kleinhebezeug, Schaltklinke, winden.

Greek word for Jack


Hindi word for Jack


Italian words for Jack

martinetto, presa a jack, fante.

Japanese word for Jack


Korean word for Jack


Marathi word for Jack


Norwegian word for Jack


Polish words for Jack

lewarek, dźwignik.

Portuguese word for Jack

macaco de carro.

Russian words for Jack

домкрат, компенсатор, простой парень.

Spanish words for Jack

marinero, gata, gato, conector, clavija, jota, elevador, sota, boliche.

Swedish word for Jack


Tamil word for Jack


Turkish word for Jack


Ukrainian word for Jack


Vietnamese word for Jack

cái kích.