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Correct spelling: tack

Definition of tack:

  1. A small nail with a broad head; a rope used to fasten the foremost lower corners of the courses and staysails when the wind is oblique; the part of a sail to which the rope is usually fastened; the course of a ship in regard to the position of her sails.
  2. To fasten; to attach; to fasten slightly; to fasten with tacks.
  3. To change the course of a ship by shifting the tacks and position of the sails from one side to the other. To hold tack, to last or hold out.

Common misspellings for tack:

tawck, taco, taxk, tadk.


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Quotes for tack:

  1. I like poems you can tack all over with a hammer and there are no hollow places.
  2. Politicians trim and tack in their quest for power, but they do so in order to get the wind of votes in their sails.
  3. Let's give the conventions back to the politicians. If we think there's any news, we can tack it on afterward as commentary. But the conventions should be their show, not ours.

Rhymes for tack:

  1. quack, black, cac, plaque, track, wrack, sac, jack, shaq, rack, shack, nack, lack, pack, brack, braque, mack, pak, yak, plack, paque, lac, trak, unpack, brac, zach, wack, mac, rak, bak, spak, slack, knack, crack, dac, trac, tak, zack, clack, flack, flak, stac, back, jac, haq, caq, tac, akc, whack, yack, ack, mak, snack, sack, pac, smack, hack, dack, zak, stack, lak, fac, sak;
  2. arrack, knick-knack, repack, aback, attack;
  3. dak;