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How To Spell take?

Correct spelling: take

Definition of take:

  1. be designed to hold or take; "This surface will not take the dye"

List of misspellings for take:

  • takr,
  • tikka,
  • tiket,
  • takse,
  • taje,
  • lkae,
  • tske,
  • tagia,
  • taget,
  • takig,
  • tate,
  • tak,
  • heartake,
  • dfake,
  • tghey,
  • jakie,
  • tjhey,
  • talka,
  • tokk,
  • tarck,
  • thekey,
  • tlike,
  • takana,
  • lakew,
  • tikiet,
  • tke,
  • ticke,
  • tasker,
  • taze,
  • gake,
  • gtake,
  • taky,
  • takeof,
  • thje,
  • takn,
  • makke,
  • atake,
  • tache,
  • trake,
  • takke,
  • pake,
  • tacco,
  • steake,
  • takien,
  • twce,
  • takl,
  • tarek,
  • jake,
  • tatke,
  • takein,
  • styke,
  • wtjer,
  • tackt,
  • taek,
  • tgake,
  • taked,
  • tafy,
  • tackel,
  • dtae,
  • taask,
  • madke,
  • takle,
  • tyker,
  • takoff,
  • tooken,
  • tekuzu,
  • tacke,
  • turjey,
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  • dmake,
  • tjere,
  • takin,
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  • tkae,
  • tagle,
  • kakie,
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  • teacg,
  • takk,
  • togaher,
  • makea,
  • wakey,
  • teaze,
  • tiki,
  • taged.

What does the abbreviation take mean?

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Take a Vacation!


Studio album by The Young Veins

Take a Vacation! is the debut studio album by American rock band The Young Veins, and the first musical project by Ryan Ross and Jon Walker after their departure from Panic! at the Disco.

Take Hagiwara


Japanese nurse

Take Hagiwara was a Japanese nurse, trained by the Red Cross, and sometimes referred to as the "Japanese Nightingale". She graduated from nursing school in 1897 and after touring Europe and studying hospitals there, was appointed as the first commoner to direct the Japanese Red Cross.

Take Me to The Moon


2017 film

Take Me to the Moon is a 2017 Taiwanese romance film directed by Hsieh Chun-yi. The film stars Jasper Liu, Vivian Sung, Vera Yen, Shih Chih-tian, Pipi Yao and Lee Chuan. It was released in theaters on December 1, 2017.

Take Ten


Album by Paul Desmond

Take Ten is an album recorded by American jazz saxophonist Paul Desmond featuring performances recorded in 1963 which were released on the RCA Victor label.

Take Yokouchi



Take Yokouchi is a musician best known for his work with the Japanese glam rock band Vodka Collins. Take was originally a live touring guitar player for the popular teen idol band The Four Leaves.When he was approached to join the new band Vodka Collins in 1971, it was on bass guitar, and a job he took gladly.

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Quotes for take:

  1. Roosevelt's magic lay in one facet of his personality: He knew how to take the risk. No other man in public life I knew could so readily take the challenge of the new.
  2. For me it came from the material. It was so well written and brought the opportunity to work with great actors. And of course the opportunity to 'mince about' was an added element that I wanted to take advantage of!
  3. Music is God's gift to man, the only art of Heaven given to earth, the only art of earth we take to Heaven.
  4. I realized some of the pitfalls of being well -known; it was nice if you were successful, but it made it just that much harder to take when you failed.
  5. So, it's a matter of that I want to take our music around the globe.

Rhymes for take:

  1. flake, naik, ache, brake, lake, ake, wake, shaik, cake, jake, quake, stake, jacque, make, fake, snake, shake, steak, spake, blake, hake, haik, rake, paik, bake, sake, break, drake;
  2. opaque, retake, forsake, awake, partake, mistake, remake;

Translations for take:

Afrikaans word for Take


Arabic word for Take


Chinese words for Take

TA, 取, 拿, 考虑, 摘取, 拿取.

Dutch words for Take

opnemen, nemen, meenemen, innemen, opvatten, pakken, ontvangen, aannemen, opbrengst.

French words for Take

prendre, accepter, emmener, prise de vue.

German words for Take

Einstellung, halten, aushalten, tragen, beanspruchen, annehmen, Einnahmen, erfordern, brauchen, bringen, aufnehmen, besuchen, besetzen, erobern, ergreifen, Fang, unterbringen, ablegen, fassen, nehmen, einnehmen, schlagen, dauern, einschlagen, befolgen, holen, vornehmen, wegnehmen, eingehen, mitnehmen, stechen, vertragen, Beute, wegstecken, Filmaufnahme.

Greek word for Take


Italian word for Take


Japanese words for Take

取る, ようする, 要する, 齎らす, せんする, 捕る, 懐にする, 選する, 要す, ふところにする, ほんばん, 冒す.

Javanese word for Take


Korean word for Take

...을 가져가다.

Malay word for Take


Marathi word for Take


Polish words for Take

zabrać, podjąć, wziąć, brać, obrać.

Portuguese words for Take

obter, receber, submeter-se, levar, tomada, aguentar, atrair, assumir, apanhar, sofrer.

Romanian word for Take

a circula.

Spanish words for Take

ir, ocupar, seguir, sacar, pegar, adoptar, coger, demorar, tardar, aceptar, tomar, tomarse, llevarse, servirse, agarrar, robar, comer, tirar, aceitar, beber, pillar.

Turkish word for Take