How To Spell basis?

Correct spelling: basis

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What does the abbreviation basis mean?

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What are the usage examples for basis?

  1. The Decision is the basis for the commander's plan of action for his entire force. – Sound Military Decision by U.s. Naval War College

What are the rhymes for basis?

  1. oasis;

What are the translations for basis?

Afrikaans word for Basis


Arabic word for Basis


Chinese words for Basis

本, 根, 根据, 道理.

French words for Basis

cadre, fondation, bas, fondement, assise.

German words for Basis

Grundlage, Fundament, Basis, Base.

Japanese words for Basis

基礎, 基本, 本位, きちょう.

Norwegian word for Basis


Polish word for Basis


Portuguese words for Basis

alicerce, quadro, critério, março, embasamento, ponto de partida.

Romanian word for Basis

cu frecvență.

Spanish words for Basis

motivo, forma, fundamento, principio, baza, basa, asas.

Turkish word for Basis