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Correct spelling: lack

Definition of lack:

  1. Want.
  2. To want; to be destitute of.
  3. To be in want; to be wanting.

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What does the abbreviation lack mean?

LACK abbreviation definitions:
–  Logical Acknowledgement
–  Logic Against Common Knowledge

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Rhymes for lack:

  1. clack, sack, flak, lak, haq, shack, slack, snack, nack, plaque, jac, stack, hack, plack, knack, wrack, spak, mack, zach, wack, yak, unpack, brack, yack, jack, zack, trac, mac, back, cac, quack, paque, pack, braque, bak, tack, flack, brac, tak, trak, track, zak, sak, dack, ack, pak, rack, crack, black, smack, mak, tac, whack, akc, fac, sac, caq, lac, shaq, rak, pac, dac, stac;
  2. repack, arrack, attack, knick-knack, aback;
  3. dak;