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How To Spell frey?

Correct spelling: frey

List of misspellings for frey:

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lord, exalted one
Frey as a boy's name is of Scandinavian origin, and the meaning of Frey is "lord, exalted one". In Norse mythology, Frey is the fertility god, and also the most handsome of all the deities.

Related words for frey

Alexander Moritz Frey


German author

Alexander Moritz Frey was a German author known for his fantasy books. He was also known for his satirical columns in the press.

Emil Frey



Emil Johann Rudolf Frey was a Swiss politician, soldier in the American Civil War and member of the Swiss Federal Council.

Jakob Frey


Swiss writer

Jakob Frey was a Swiss writer of short stories about peasant life. He used the pseudonyms J. Reif, F. Kuhn, F. Imhoof, and J. A.

Perry A. Frey


Perry A. Frey is professor emeritus of biochemistry at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. He was elected to the National Academy of Sciences in 1998. Research in his laboratory centered on the elucidation of enzymatic reaction mechanisms.

Robin Ejsmond-Frey


Robin Ejsmond-Frey is a British rower. Born in Hammersmith, London, Ejsmond-Frey was educated at St Paul’s School, in Barnes, where he learnt to row. Ejsmond-Frey also played rugby union as a junior for Middlesex County. Mr.

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Rhymes for frey:

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