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How To Spell doubtful?

Correct spelling: doubtful

What are the misspellings for doubtful ?

  • buityfull,
  • buetful,
  • beuetaful,
  • beutfule,
  • deceiteful,
  • wobderful,
  • beuatful,
  • doudful,
  • taughtful,
  • beutfull,
  • doubtfuly,
  • buitful,
  • doutfull,
  • doibtful,
  • doubtedly,
  • roubtful,
  • eoubtful,
  • beuitful,
  • butyful,
  • deicitful,
  • beuityful,
  • wdonderful,
  • decitful,
  • buiteful,
  • delitful,
  • decietful,
  • decitefull,
  • deceteful,
  • dpubtful,
  • bueatful,
  • beoutfull,
  • dilightful,
  • thebeautiful,
  • beauttful,
  • doubtly,
  • xoubtful,
  • beutaful,
  • buitufull,
  • buttufull,
  • tbeautiful,
  • bautuful,
  • toughtful,
  • deciteful,
  • doubfull,
  • dojbtful,
  • diubtful,
  • doutful,
  • delbitvertly,
  • beautitful,
  • do8btful,
  • beatutful,
  • soubtful,
  • decetfull,
  • beuteaful,
  • deliughtful,
  • d9ubtful,
  • dkubtful,
  • beuteful,
  • doughtful,
  • doubtfull,
  • butaful,
  • beutyful,
  • beutful,
  • bautyful,
  • drebadful,
  • doubtably,
  • dlubtful,
  • buitfull,
  • beuatuful,
  • buityful,
  • dicietfull,
  • buatyful,
  • bautful,
  • buituful,
  • foubtful,
  • buetaful,
  • coubtful,
  • decitfull,
  • dfbdfb,
  • bauitful,
  • decetful,
  • dohbtful,
  • dutyful,
  • doybtful,
  • beuteyful,
  • beutuful,
  • doubful,
  • douptful,
  • boutiful,
  • beuitfull,
  • diffuitful,
  • beuitefull,
  • beuitaful,
  • beuatyful,
  • butful,
  • doughtfull,
  • abeauitiful,
  • bootiful,
  • buitaful,
  • d0ubtful.

What is the definition of doubtful?

  1. Doubtfully.

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What are the quotes for doubtful?

  1. The tendency of modern scientific teaching is to neglect the great books, to lay far too much stress upon relatively unimportant modern work, and to present masses of detail of doubtful truth and questionable weight in such a way as to obscure principles.
  2. I knew it to be very doubtful whether the Cabinet, Parliament, and the country would take this view on the outbreak of war, and through the whole of this week I had in view the probable contingency that we should not decide at the critical moment to support France.
  3. I put forward formless and unresolved notions, as do those who publish doubtful questions to debate in the schools, not to establish the truth but to seek it.
  4. And we've become very doubtful of our information sources, because they're all controlled by these huge multilateral corporations.
  5. Are we a Christian nation now? It's doubtful. But did we start out as one? Without question.

What are the translations for doubtful?

Afrikaans word for Doubtful


Arabic word for Doubtful

مَشْكُوك فِيه.

Bengali word for Doubtful


Chinese word for Doubtful


French words for Doubtful

incertain, suspect, douteux, discutable, contestable, dubitatif, sceptique, improbable.

German words for Doubtful

fraglich, bedenklich, ungewiss, unsicher, zweifelhaft, unwahrscheinlich, skeptisch.

Greek word for Doubtful


Hindi word for Doubtful


Italian word for Doubtful


Japanese words for Doubtful

怪しげ, 真偽不明, しんぎふめい.

Javanese word for Doubtful


Korean word for Doubtful


Marathi word for Doubtful


Norwegian word for Doubtful


Polish word for Doubtful


Portuguese words for Doubtful

ragu, duvidoso.

Romanian word for Doubtful


Russian word for Doubtful


Spanish words for Doubtful

discutible, sospechoso, dudoso, incierto, receloso, cuestionable, dubitativo.

Swedish word for Doubtful


Vietnamese word for Doubtful

đáng nghi.