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How To Spell enforce?

Correct spelling: enforce

Definition of enforce:

  1. To attempt by force.

List of misspellings for enforce:

  • unofficeal,
  • enfocre,
  • enforec,
  • reienforce,
  • indorce,
  • envole,
  • reineforce,
  • enoforced,
  • inoivce,
  • enfroce,
  • enfource,
  • reniforce,
  • rienforce,
  • enforcr,
  • unforsene,
  • reenforce,
  • onfor,
  • invouce,
  • enchace,
  • unforsceen,
  • unforscene,
  • enfort,
  • enfisise,
  • rainforce,
  • vanvoucer,
  • inservice,
  • endorcer,
  • enforece,
  • einvoice,
  • inforce,
  • inforced,
  • inforcer,
  • infance,
  • inoffice,
  • inerface,
  • airfoce,
  • unfort,
  • itnerface,
  • enfourcing,
  • anyfurther,
  • inomce,
  • enforsed,
  • unforsure,
  • enforceing,
  • airforce,
  • enoufe,
  • inforces,
  • reinforse,
  • enfoirce,
  • innocece,
  • incoveice,
  • incovice,
  • enoufh,
  • infancey,
  • openoffice,
  • enormuse,
  • inface,
  • enhace,
  • enform,
  • innoce,
  • renforse,
  • enphazema,
  • renforcer,
  • enforc,
  • reenforcer,
  • unforsen,
  • ornifice,
  • annouce,
  • enfuse,
  • reinfoce,
  • inferface,
  • ereinforce,
  • enahce,
  • reniforcer,
  • unforceen,
  • enofe,
  • unforcene,
  • enfoced,
  • enphize,
  • enfough,
  • endface,
  • onvoice,
  • enfasize,
  • inforc,
  • annnouce,
  • envoice,
  • renforce,
  • enourmose,
  • insource,
  • endorce,
  • unforsean,
  • innormace,
  • invoce,
  • enfaces,
  • eforce,
  • enormes,
  • ariforce,
  • einforced,
  • incvoice,
  • ivnoice.

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Rhymes for enforce:

  1. force, horse, hoarse, corse, source, morse, sorce, coarse, bourse, fourths, norse, course;
  2. divorce, midcourse, outsource, remorse, perforce, endorse;
  3. reinforce;

Translations for enforce:

Afrikaans word for Enforce


Arabic word for Enforce


Bengali word for Enforce

জোরদার করা.

Chinese word for Enforce

施行 .

French words for Enforce

exiger, appliquer, imposer, renforcer, faire exécuter, infliger.

German words for Enforce

durchsetzen, vollziehen, erzwingen, vollstrecken, aufzwingen, Geltung verschaffen, Forderungen geltend machen, Schuld eintreiben, auferlegen.

Greek word for Enforce


Italian word for Enforce

far osservare.

Japanese word for Enforce


Javanese word for Enforce


Korean word for Enforce

> 시행하다.

Malay word for Enforce


Marathi word for Enforce

लागू करा.

Norwegian word for Enforce


Portuguese words for Enforce

executar, fazer cumprir, impor.

Spanish words for Enforce

forzar, aplicar, ejecutar, defender, obligar, imponer, hacer cumplir, implementar, ejercer, dictar, hacer respetar, aplica.

Swedish word for Enforce


Turkish word for Enforce


Ukrainian word for Enforce


Vietnamese word for Enforce

thực thi.