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What are the rhymes for tour?

  1. pure, lure, insure, mature, obscure, boor, manure, poor, your, secure, ensure, ur, cure, gilmour, spoor, unsure, endure, procure, detour, uhr, muir, impure, lumpur, ruhr, moor, sure, demure, buhr, you're, inure, moore;
  2. bonjour, baldur, allure, couture, assure, brochure;
  3. reassure, immature, reinsure, premature;
  4. entrepreneur;

What are the translations for tour?

Arabic word for Tour


Dutch words for Tour

rondreizen, rondleiding, rondreis, toeren, tocht, excursie, toer, rondrit, rondgang, toertocht.

French words for Tour

circuit, voyage, visiter, excursion, itinéraire, périple.

German words for Tour

Besichtigung, Arbeitsschicht, Fahrt, Runde, Ausflug, reisen, Parcours, Tour, Tournee, bereisen, eine Tour machen, auf Tournee gehen, eine Reise machen, Rundgang, Umlauf, Rundfahrt, Visite, Tür, Rundreise, Gastspielreise, eine Tournee machen, Ronde.

Greek word for Tour


Japanese words for Tour

ツアー, 周遊, 見て回る, 漫遊, みてまわる, ゆうれき, まんゆう, しゅうゆう, 遊歴.

Malay word for Tour


Polish word for Tour


Portuguese words for Tour

visitar, passeio, viagem, volta, excursão, turnê, turístico, itinerário, roteiro, percurso, digressão, tournée, périplo, de turismo, ir em turnê.

Romanian word for Tour


Russian words for Tour

тур, экскурсия, турне, гастроли.

Spanish words for Tour

ruta, viaje, recorrer, recorrido, ronda, circuito, viajar, visita, vuelta, paseo, gira, viajar por.

Swedish word for Tour


Tamil word for Tour


Ukrainian word for Tour


Vietnamese word for Tour

chuyến du lịch.