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Correct spelling: tower

Definition of tower:

  1. To rise and fly high; to soar; to be lofty. Tower of London, an ancient citadel on the Thames, containing an arsenal, & c. Tower- bastion, a small tower made in the form of bastions, with rooms or cells beneath for men and guns.

Tower \to-wer\

Tower as a boy's name is of Old English origin. Place name. Usually a transferred surname.
Related names:
tor, torr, tory, tore, Torey.

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Examples of usage for tower:

  1. The Tower of Constancy. –  by
  2. Only one room, under the roof in a kind of tower with eight beds in it, and no space for anything else. –  by
  3. They came in sight of a low brown tower at which he pointed with his stick. –  by

Rhymes for tower:

  1. our;
  2. bower, cower, dour, flour, flower, glower, hour, plower, power, scour, shower, sour, vower, gower, bauer, lauer, brower;
  3. devour, empower;
  4. mph, overpower, superpower;