How To Spell government?

Correct spelling: government

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This graph shows how "government" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

What are the rhymes for government?

  1. nongovernment, misgovernment, self-government;
  2. antigovernment;

What are the translations for government?

Chinese word for Government


Dutch words for Government

bestuur, overheid, regering.

French words for Government

direction, autorités, gouvernementale, administratif, ministériel.

German words for Government

staatlich, Regierung, Regime, Landesregierung, Gouvernement.

Italian word for Government


Japanese words for Government

政府, 政治, 政, ガバメント, 与党, よとう, お上, 御上, 治国, せいじ, まつりごと, とうち, ちこく.

Polish words for Government

władze, władza.

Portuguese words for Government

governo, governamental, estatal, governativa, administração pública, sistema político, governamentais, públicas, nacionais.

Russian words for Government

правительство, правительственный.

Spanish words for Government

gobierno, gubernamental, autoridades, administrativo.