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Correct spelling: employ

Definition of employ:

  1. Employment; occupation; profession; office. To employ one's self, to busy one's self.
  2. To occupy the time, attention, and labour of; to use as an agent, instrument, means, or material.

Common misspellings for employ:

amploy, employe, enploy, empolys, emplor.


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Rhymes for employ:

  1. oye, ploy, oy, foy, toy, neu, goy, roi, joye, soy, doi, coye, hoy, moy, oie, hoi, loy, croy, joy, boy, roy, oi, floy, yoy, cloy, woy, stoy, troy, coy;
  2. elroy, bolshoi, decoy, malloy, savoy, enjoy, annoy, destroy, deploy, mccoy;
  3. illinois, redeploy;