How To Spell disobey?

Correct spelling: disobey

What is the definition of disobey?

  1. refuse to go along with; refuse to follow; be disobedient; "He disobeyed his superviser and was fired"

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What are the usage examples for disobey?

  1. " I fear that you find your life in prison a very dull one, my young friend," he began; " most people do, yet such is the fate of those who will disobey the laws. – The Prime Minister by W.H.G. Kingston
  2. She looked as if she would very much like to disobey but there was no help for it. – The Prime Minister by W.H.G. Kingston

What are the rhymes for disobey?

  1. neigh, brey, paye, rey, fey, ley, bay, sway, mey, flay, yea, jaye, rae, shay, kay, whey, tray, re, quay, fay, fe, sze, sta, tae, bray, stay, drey, blay, ca, play, clay, quai, jay, saye, cray, dey, faye, ney, ne, jae, sleigh, weigh, nej, kaye, lei, wray, bey, maye, khe, prey, dray, se, grey, gway, hwe, nay, gray, shea, klay, say, pay, frey, gaye, ray, wey, de, wy, vey, cay, pei, j, raye, pray, ae, yay, brae, trey, they, che, stray, dae, day, mei, haye, may, lay, hey, way, fray, wei, hay, lait, tay, graye, spray, slay, ay, mae, waye, k, daye;
  2. decay, delray, moray, convey, croquet, obey, essay, array, fillet, ek, delay, passe, macrae, souffle, mackay, nikkei, dismay, mckay, buffet, sergei, betray, puree, o'shea, okay, millay, replay, saute, valet, ga, ha, halfway, oj, ole, prepay, astray, bouquet, renee, crochet, levey, away, allay, parquet, repay, risque, manet, orsay, ballet, jose, mcveigh, calais, survey, beauvais, carre, sorbet, mccrea, today, asay, dk, olay, hooray, soiree, chalet, nisei, cafe, gervais, cathay, cache, da, belay, beret, defray, abbe, cliche, filet, hurray, portray, monet, toupee, rene, dossier, hervey, purvey, display, bombay, b-j;
  3. ira, intraday, underplay, uva, attache, jna, lyonnais, aaa, overplay, faberge, monterey, fiance, piaget, overstay, ita, perrier, underway, bouvier, dak, disarray, cabaret, bua, cea, monterrey, ekk, cabernet, bta, chevrolet;
  4. naivete, hiaa, foia, cabriolet, noaa, ceta, communique, asea;
  5. waga;

What are the translations for disobey?

Afrikaans word for Disobey


Arabic word for Disobey


Bengali word for Disobey

অমান্য করা.

Chinese words for Disobey

违, 违忤, 违令, 抗命, 不听命, 违抗, 违拗, 偝, 方命, 蘁, 违傲, 拗, 违逆.

French word for Disobey


German word for Disobey

nicht gehorchen.

Greek word for Disobey


Italian word for Disobey


Japanese word for Disobey


Javanese word for Disobey


Korean word for Disobey

순종하지 않다.

Malay word for Disobey

Tidak patuh.

Marathi word for Disobey

आज्ञा न पाळणे.

Norwegian word for Disobey

ikke adlyde.

Polish word for Disobey

nie posłuchać.

Romanian word for Disobey

a nu se supune.

Russian word for Disobey

не подчиняться.

Spanish word for Disobey


Swedish word for Disobey

inte lyda.

Tamil word for Disobey


Turkish word for Disobey


Ukrainian word for Disobey

не підкорятися.

Vietnamese word for Disobey

không tuân thủ.