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How To Spell ignore?

Correct spelling: ignore

Definition of ignore:

  1. give little or no attention to; "Disregard the errors"

List of misspellings for ignore:

  • ignord,
  • ignorne,
  • againfor,
  • imaginare,
  • ignoer,
  • incore,
  • ignoff,
  • eqnuriy,
  • egnoor,
  • ignotre,
  • ignorede,
  • imaginory,
  • igure,
  • ignoret,
  • icnore,
  • igonre,
  • ignote,
  • imagnary,
  • ignoral,
  • ignoiring,
  • egore,
  • igorned,
  • egnough,
  • agnored,
  • omnevore,
  • enginire,
  • itinera,
  • gonorreah,
  • ignnored,
  • orginary,
  • igniore,
  • egnore,
  • esnore,
  • ignorig,
  • irgone,
  • ominvore,
  • ignor,
  • egnuff,
  • iknow,
  • ignorde,
  • signaure,
  • agnry,
  • picnrre,
  • iggnore,
  • ignorace,
  • ignoe,
  • egnor,
  • imiganary,
  • ignorring,
  • ecnourage,
  • ignroat,
  • ingree,
  • igonring,
  • ignoed,
  • ognored,
  • ignitor,
  • iggnored,
  • ignorin,
  • igrnored,
  • itiniery,
  • ignorate,
  • ignoracne,
  • ingry,
  • ornory,
  • engnere,
  • ingerey,
  • oncore,
  • gonoreah,
  • ignorat,
  • itinerey,
  • igore,
  • imagenary,
  • ifnrom,
  • inarea,
  • ignoreed,
  • iginore,
  • inore,
  • rtgnr,
  • igone,
  • ingery,
  • ignorice,
  • ignorred,
  • igonoring,
  • itinirery,
  • ignoreing,
  • ingore,
  • agnery,
  • igmore,
  • ignoers,
  • ecnore,
  • increw,
  • igorne,
  • igonored,
  • ingnore,
  • agnder,
  • diconary,
  • ignion,
  • ignerat,
  • increae,
  • icnome.

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Quotes for ignore:

  1. I'm quite shy, so if there's a guy I like, I actually ignore him because I can't speak to him. I get all red and sweaty, and it's embarrassing.
  2. To worship the product and ignore its development leads to dilettantism and reaction.
  3. Peace is a never ending process... It cannot ignore our differences or overlook our common interests. It requires us to work and live together.
  4. All living souls welcome whatever they are ready to cope with; all else they ignore, or pronounce to be monstrous and wrong, or deny to be possible.
  5. Unless a reviewer has the courage to give you unqualified praise, I say ignore the bastard.

Rhymes for ignore:

  1. floor, prewar, timor, chore, morr, galore, igor, rapport, torre, door, lenore, your, vore, drawer, tor, corr, dorr, oar, deplore, sor, spore, schnorr, senor, wor, snore, score, fore, dior, flor, loar, explore, tore, lahore, flore, or, corps, bohr, cor, ore, goar, orr, implore, postwar, four, core, outpour, restore, thor, coar, nohr, pour, livor, saur, cohr, lore, offshore, dore, hoar, more, d'or, ohr, torr, soar, glor, wore, inshore, outscore, por, laur, shore, gore, war, laure, gabor, mohr, underscore, boar, swore, bore, scor, sore, yore, mor, gorr, lor, hardcore, store, porr, warr, moore, roar, sedor, mazor, ngor, m4, glore, pore, boer, nor;
  2. bator, amour, before, abhor, decor, c4, afore, ashore, ador, cat-4, adore;
  3. heretofore, livermore, antiwar, anymore, guarantor;

Translations for ignore:

Afrikaans word for Ignore


Arabic word for Ignore


Chinese words for Ignore

忽略, 不理, 不去理, 置之不理, 不予理会, 不问, 置之脑后, 嫌弃, 不加理睬, 熟视无睹, 看着不管, 不理睬.

Dutch words for Ignore

negeren, voor de ogen sluiten, links laten liggen, niet op ingaan, geen blik waardig gunnen, niet willen kennen, niet in aanmerking nemen.

French word for Ignore


German words for Ignore

missachten, ignorieren, ausklammern, links liegen lassen, nicht anerkennen, nicht hinhören, links liegenlassen, auf nicht eingehen.

Greek word for Ignore


Italian word for Ignore


Japanese words for Ignore

無視, 軽視, 外方を向く, 聞き捨てにする, 不問に付す, 不問に付する, ほかっておく, ほうっておく, 聞き流す, 踏み付ける, 聞流す, ほっておく, ききすごす, ききながす, ふもんにふす, あいてにしない, 蔑する, 聞き過す, めをつむる, 踏みつける, けいし, 踏付ける, 目をつむる, なみする, 捨て置く, すておく, 放っておく, 聞き過ごす, そっぽをむく, ききずてにする, そっぽを向く, 相手にしない, 聞過ごす, ないがしろにする, 目を瞑る, むし, ききすてる, 無みする.

Javanese word for Ignore


Malay word for Ignore


Norwegian word for Ignore


Polish word for Ignore


Romanian word for Ignore

a ignora.

Spanish words for Ignore

omitir, descartar, rechazar, desatender, ignorar, descuidar, saltarse, desconocer, obviar, soslayar, desentender, cerrar los ojos ante, desentenderse de, dar la espalda, hacer caso omiso.

Swedish word for Ignore


Tamil word for Ignore


Turkish word for Ignore


Ukrainian word for Ignore


Vietnamese word for Ignore

lờ đi.