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How To Spell convert?

Correct spelling: convert

List of misspellings for convert:

  • gansvoort,
  • comfert,
  • coonect,
  • convend,
  • convein,
  • confort,
  • conserd,
  • converteed,
  • confornt,
  • confeti,
  • confit,
  • contet,
  • convers,
  • convayer,
  • confortale,
  • convet,
  • conovey,
  • covenate,
  • confette,
  • cunnert,
  • converer,
  • colvert,
  • converd,
  • coeverd,
  • conecert,
  • conveor,
  • convenet,
  • confrot,
  • convernie,
  • conved,
  • coverd,
  • convient,
  • convenate,
  • conect,
  • conviece,
  • convenit,
  • coventy,
  • conveient,
  • convit,
  • convienit,
  • confret,
  • convertin,
  • conrete,
  • confetty,
  • conqerd,
  • covant,
  • convaey,
  • conived,
  • convenute,
  • convieient,
  • conferate,
  • convertd,
  • covent,
  • conveter,
  • conveyd,
  • monfort,
  • convenite,
  • conveior,
  • convaied,
  • coneect,
  • conter,
  • convoyer,
  • convernt,
  • convennit,
  • confect,
  • contavt,
  • conset,
  • conevenet,
  • conve,
  • coverter,
  • convertt,
  • convyer,
  • conver,
  • consert,
  • comvert,
  • conecct,
  • confert,
  • covenat,
  • converor,
  • conffort,
  • convienet,
  • conyrtu,
  • comphert,
  • conterfit,
  • conert,
  • conceert,
  • conveive,
  • conmfort,
  • canvest,
  • corvete,
  • convered,
  • conversate,
  • conviant,
  • concder,
  • conrty,
  • convertiny,
  • carnovore,
  • conflit,
  • confern,
  • converte.

Related words for convert

Abdul Rahman


Abdul Rahman is an Afghan citizen who was arrested in February 2006 and threatened with the death penalty for converting to Christianity.



Aleksei was a Russian archpriest who became known for converting to Judaism. He was born probably in Novgorod around 1425 and died in Moscow in 1488.

Her Convert


1915 film

Her Convert is a 1915 American drama film featuring Harry Carey.

Louis Fan


Louis Fan, born Fan Shouyi and also known as Luigi Fan, was the first known Chinese person to travel to Europe, return, and write an account of his travels.

The Chinese Convert


Painting by Godfrey Kneller

The Chinese Convert is a famous 1687 painting by Godfrey Kneller depicting the Chinese man Michael Alphonsius Shen Fu-Tsung. The painting was ordered by King James II when he met Shen Fu-Tsung during his visit to England in 1685.

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Quotes for convert:

  1. If I were going to convert to any religion I would probably choose Catholicism because it at least has female saints and the Virgin Mary.
  2. The ability to convert ideas to things is the secret of outward success.
  3. To change, to convert? Why bother?
  4. Their plan is to return the entire world- not just the Middle East- to the days of the caliphate and either convert all of us so -called infidels into born -again Islamic believers or kill us.
  5. No man ever did, nor ever shall, truly go forth to convert the nations, nor to prophesy in the present state of witnesses against Antichrist, but by the gracious inspiration and instigation of the Holy Spirit of God.

Rhymes for convert:

  1. chert, exert, overt, girt, blurt, wirt, burtt, bert, turret, hert, revert, subvert, berte, inert, invert, flirt, unhurt, shirt, dirt, peart, purt, gert, curt, burt, squirt, erte, divert, hurt, pert, wert, kurt, vert, skirt, pervert, dessert, insert, spurt, hirt, birt, evert;
  2. alert, advert, avert, assert, desert, concert;
  3. reassert, disconcert;

Translations for convert:

Afrikaans word for Convert


Arabic word for Convert


Bengali word for Convert


Chinese words for Convert

改装, 转化, 改成, 变换, 转译, 换算, 教民.

Dutch words for Convert

bekéren, omvormen, transformeren, veranderen, verbouwen, omzetten, converteren, omrekenen, overhalen, bekeerling, omwisselen, inwisselen, ombouwen, overschakelen.

German words for Convert

ausbauen, umsetzen, wandeln, umtauschen, umwandeln, einwechseln, umbauen, umformen, konvertieren, umrechnen, umschulden, umfinanzieren, bekehren, ummünzen, umfunktionieren.

Greek word for Convert


Hindi word for Convert


Italian words for Convert

convertito, convertire.

Japanese words for Convert

変える, 転換, コンバート, てんかん, へんずる, 作り替える, 切り変える, 転向者, かいしんしゃ, つくりかえる, 作り換える, てんこうしゃ, きえしゃ, コンヴァート, へんじる, きりかえる, 帰依者, 改心者, 変ずる, 変じる.

Javanese word for Convert


Korean word for Convert

...을 (...으로) 변하게 하다.

Malay word for Convert


Marathi word for Convert

रुपांतरीत करा.

Norwegian word for Convert


Portuguese word for Convert


Romanian word for Convert

a converti.

Russian words for Convert

конвертировать, преобразовывать, обращать, обращаться, трансформировать.

Spanish word for Convert


Swedish word for Convert


Turkish word for Convert


Ukrainian word for Convert