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How To Spell send?

Correct spelling: send

List of misspellings for send:

  • sonet,
  • sanday,
  • seant,
  • sownd,
  • liscend,
  • sinday,
  • senr,
  • sed,
  • sounld,
  • seenn,
  • sceened,
  • sujnday,
  • osund,
  • sund,
  • seond,
  • sopend,
  • husand,
  • sarrendor,
  • senct,
  • scand,
  • snady,
  • secnd,
  • sundya,
  • sedn,
  • seanate,
  • secod,
  • sydeny,
  • sienc,
  • sentre,
  • sindey,
  • losind,
  • thausend,
  • sventy,
  • nened,
  • sunnday,
  • ahnd,
  • sentd,
  • sandr,
  • seccond,
  • sighnd,
  • spond,
  • sunade,
  • seneate,
  • sighend,
  • syudy,
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  • tendy,
  • lernd,
  • sonday,
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  • sadend.

What does the abbreviation send mean?

Related words for send

Do Not Send Your Wife to Italy


1960 film

Do Not Send Your Wife to Italy is a 1960 West German romantic comedy film directed by Hans Grimm and starring Marianne Hold, Claus Biederstaedt and Elma Karlowa. The film's art direction was by Max Mellin.

Manda Bala (Send a Bullet)


2007 film

Manda Bala (Send a Bullet) is an American documentary film directed by Jason Kohn about corruption and kidnapping in Brazil. Kohn has said "I really thought of Manda Bala as a non-fiction RoboCop depicting a very real, broken, and violent society."

Mount Send


Mountain in Antarctica

Mount Send is a mountain on the north flank of Pryor Glacier, 10 nautical miles east of Basilica Peak, in southern Wilson Hills. Mapped by United States Geological Survey from surveys and U.S. Navy air photos, 1960-62. Named by Advisory Committee on Antarctic Names for Raymond F. Send, United States Antarctic Research Program geophysicist at McMurdo Station, 1967-68.

Send You


Studio album by Sneaky Feelings

Send You is the first studio album by Sneaky Feelings. It was released in 1983 and re-released in 1992 with four bonus tracks.



American television series

VR.5 is an American science-fiction television series first broadcast on the Fox network from March 10 to May 12, 1995. Ten of its thirteen episodes were aired during its original run.

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Translations for send:

Arabic word for Send


Chinese words for Send

寄, 使, 发出, 寄送, 派出, 传送, 送给, 分送, 派送, 传给, 差使, 拍发, 运出.

Dutch words for Send

sturen, versturen, opsturen, stuur, verzenden, zenden, toesturen.

French words for Send

adresser, acheminer, soumettre, envoyer, transmettre à.

German words for Send

abschicken, versenden, entsenden, senden, schicken, verschicken, expedieren, übersenden, zukommen lassen, zuschicken.

Greek word for Send


Hindi word for Send


Italian word for Send


Japanese words for Send

おくる, センド, 贈る, さしこす, 遣す, 送り付ける, 差し越す, 寄越す, し向ける, 仕向ける, よこす, 寄こす, 仕向る, 繰り込む, しむける, 送りつける, おくりつける.

Javanese word for Send


Korean word for Send


Malay word for Send


Marathi word for Send


Norwegian word for Send


Portuguese words for Send

enviar a, remeter.

Romanian word for Send

a trimite.

Spanish words for Send

enviar, comunicar, emitir, expedir, remitir, transmitir, despachar, mandar, hacer llegar.

Swedish word for Send


Tamil word for Send


Turkish word for Send


Ukrainian word for Send


Vietnamese word for Send

gửi đi.