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Spell Check of bung

Correct spelling: bung

Definition of bung:

  1. A stopper for the orifice of a barrel.
  2. To stop the hole of a cask with a bung: to close up.

Common misspellings for bung:

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Examples of usage for bung:

  1. Blow me, if the same performance didn't happen over ag'in, and some days arter I seed that partickler tribe o' rats was gettin' smaller, and, believe me, sonny, that ringhals had guv the news to another snake, for one evenin' I seed two o' their wicked- lookin' heads jes' inside the bung on the twigs. – Tales from the Veld by Ernest Glanville

Rhymes for bung:

  1. pung, flung, sprung, chung, strung, myung, sung, tung, young, kyung, tongue, swung, stung, rung, hung, slung, clung, phung, dung, lung, wrung, ung, yung;
  2. unsung, among, mcclung;