How To Spell given?

Correct spelling: given

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What is the definition of given?

  1. specified in advance; "a given number"; "we will meet at a given time and location"

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What are the rhymes for given?

  1. striven, driven, riven;
  2. forgiven;
  3. unforgiven;

What are the translations for given?

Afrikaans words for Given

verslaaf, bepaalde, gegee, gegewe.

Arabic word for Given

نظرا ل.

Czech word for Given


Dutch words for Given

willekeurig, gegeven, bepaald, geneigd, verslaafd, vanwege, gezien, verstrekt, verleend, met het oog op.

French words for Given

donnée, vu, au vu de, quelconque, donnés, indiquée.

German words for Given

gewidmet, vorgegeben, gewiss, vorausgesetzt, bestimmt, gegeben, appliziert, angegeben, gegebene Tatsache, eingegeben, geschenkt, verabreicht, gespendet, abgehalten, hingegeben, verabfolgt.

Greek word for Given


Hindi word for Given


Japanese word for Given


Javanese word for Given


Korean word for Given


Malay word for Given


Marathi word for Given


Norwegian word for Given


Polish words for Given

dany, podany, przekazany, udzielony, wydawany, zadany, udzielany, przedstawiony, przekazywany, wydany, zapewniony, biorąc pod uwagę.

Portuguese words for Given

tendo em conta, tomado, referido, referidos, apresentado, previstas, indicada, fornecida, administrado, referidas, entregue, proferido, oferecido, fornecido, administrada, proporcionada, confiada, assumido, assumidos.

Russian words for Given

поскольку, при условии, принимая во внимание, дарованный, учитывая.

Spanish words for Given

indicado, emitido, confiado, determinado, transmitida, dato, impartido, dado, otorgado, dedicado, prestado, presentado, conferido, previsto, ofrecido, transmitido, asignado, concedido, brindado, proporcionado, regalado, concedida, aportado, donado, obsequiado, contagiado, transmitidas, emitida.

Swedish word for Given


Tamil word for Given


Turkish word for Given


Ukrainian word for Given


Vietnamese word for Given