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How To Spell giving?

Correct spelling: giving

Definition of giving:

  1. of Give

List of misspellings for giving:

  • givemn,
  • gaiming,
  • jiven,
  • groving,
  • givne,
  • givien,
  • guivering,
  • guiving,
  • givinfg,
  • givcen,
  • kising,
  • givent,
  • giwing,
  • likving,
  • givng,
  • gevin,
  • giventhe,
  • gioven,
  • kliving,
  • goi9ng,
  • caniving,
  • lkiving,
  • gofing,
  • givena,
  • ggiving,
  • mvign,
  • giveen,
  • givning,
  • gaveing,
  • moviing,
  • givinging,
  • siving,
  • noving,
  • sgiven,
  • goiving,
  • livign,
  • givinbg,
  • gving,
  • guideing,
  • ljving,
  • giuven,
  • graving,
  • govinor,
  • coniving,
  • lifegiving,
  • mioving,
  • grieveing,
  • aving,
  • gfoing,
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  • givingthe,
  • hgiven,
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  • givinig,
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  • givivg,
  • greving,
  • griveing.

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Giving and Taking


Studio album by The Seekers

Giving and Taking is the eighth studio album by Australian group the Seekers. The album was released in 1976 and is the second studio album to feature the vocals of Louisa Wisseling. The album peaked at number 5 in New Zealand. The album produced the singles, "Where in the World?" and "Giving and Taking".

Giving Birth to a Stone


Album by Peach

Giving Birth to a Stone is the debut album of UK metal band Peach, released in 1994. It was re-released in 2000, with different artwork, designed by Adam Jones of Tool.

Giving Children Hope


Non-profit organization

Giving Children Hope, founded in 1993 by John Ditty and Juliana Reasor, is a faith-based non-profit organization that works to alleviate poverty, both domestically and internationally, through disaster relief, health and community development, vocational training and advocacy.

Giving You the Business


TV program

"Giving You The Business" premiered on Food Network on Thursday April 25 at 10pm eastern time. In this program hosted by former NBA player turned motivational speaker Walter Bond a CEO from a major food chain handpicks four standout employees and secretly puts them to a series of tests of outrageous skills.

The Giving Card



The Giving Card is a point of sale discount card company based in Elstree that is linked to charitable giving. Members pay an annual subscription fee of £34.95 of which a charity of their choice receives £10.00.

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Translations for giving:

Afrikaans words for Giving

GI, ge, Gee.

Arabic word for Giving


Dutch words for Giving

geven, gevend.

French word for Giving


German words for Giving

Erteilung, Abgabe, da, Angabe, Gift.

Greek word for Giving


Javanese word for Giving


Korean word for Giving


Malay word for Giving


Polish word for Giving


Russian words for Giving

предоставление, вручение, обеспечивающий, дарение, уступчивость, дающий, давая.

Spanish words for Giving

oferta, dando.

Tamil word for Giving


Turkish word for Giving


Ukrainian word for Giving


Vietnamese word for Giving