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How To Spell living?

Correct spelling: living

List of misspellings for living:

  • likiing,
  • lfiting,
  • cilivin,
  • lavang,
  • liveith,
  • lliving,
  • liging,
  • laphing,
  • livinng,
  • lighing,
  • liating,
  • lafing,
  • livnig,
  • livedin,
  • liying,
  • leving,
  • ilving,
  • lleaving,
  • livin,
  • leaivng,
  • leavung,
  • muving,
  • liiking,
  • livining,
  • liting,
  • luing,
  • mvign,
  • livingn,
  • loveingly,
  • belioeving,
  • baleveing,
  • liine,
  • likving,
  • blieving,
  • lovinly,
  • liivng,
  • lvling,
  • livesaving,
  • guiving,
  • liaing,
  • lyeing,
  • livinv,
  • saiving,
  • ahving,
  • loviing,
  • liseing,
  • liveon,
  • movign,
  • aving,
  • lifan,
  • lovuing,
  • gioving,
  • lkiving,
  • calivin,
  • luiving,
  • lilving,
  • beleveing,
  • livily,
  • lifing,
  • foloving,
  • ljving,
  • homeliving,
  • giiving,
  • lifline,
  • lving,
  • ivine,
  • bieleving,
  • noving,
  • lovling,
  • lieing,
  • livingroom,
  • liivned,
  • liveing,
  • livbing,
  • libving,
  • linving,
  • lov'ingly,
  • leavig,
  • deliveing,
  • believiing,
  • linning,
  • elaving,
  • livind,
  • laing,
  • goiving,
  • leavong,
  • lineing,
  • mioving,
  • sloving,
  • rliving,
  • leveing,
  • lviingroom,
  • liveline,
  • liftign,
  • luling,
  • lhavingife,
  • believeing,
  • leavnig,
  • liviing,
  • livng.

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Translations for living:

Afrikaans word for Living


Arabic word for Living


Dutch words for Living

leven, bestaan, levensonderhoud.

French words for Living

vivant, vivante, vie, pan, vivants, subsistance, existence, résidente, vive, vives.

German words for Living

Lebensunterhalt, vital, leben, wohnen, Vita, Lebensweise, Lebenshaltungskosten, Broterwerb.

Hindi word for Living


Italian words for Living

vivente, viva.

Japanese words for Living

生活, リビング, 生き, 在住, 住, 生息, 棲息, 生ける, 活, 現存, 活き, いける, せいかつ, ざいじゅう, 活ける, ざいせい, 世過ぎ, たつき, げんそん, 栖息, げんぞん, 活計, よすぎ, たずき, イキ, たづき, 在世, 衣食, せいけい, たどき.

Javanese word for Living


Korean word for Living


Malay word for Living


Polish word for Living


Portuguese words for Living

convivência, ativo, habitacional, subsistência, habitável, viventes, biológicos.

Romanian word for Living


Spanish words for Living

sustento, vivo, vida, existente, viviente, existencia, vivificante, vivos, residentes.

Swedish words for Living

liv, livsuppehälle.

Turkish word for Living


Ukrainian word for Living

засоби до існування.

Vietnamese word for Living

sinh hoạt.