How To Spell embrace?

Correct spelling: embrace

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What are the usage examples for embrace?

  1. The poor wife, who was almost as dead as her husband, was unable at first to rise and embrace her brothers.

What are the rhymes for embrace?

  1. lace, chase, erase, misplace, face, wace, glace, chace, base, replace, encase, race, pace, space, incase, vase, retrace, grace, case, brace, place, bass, dace, caisse, nace, mace, lambastes, thrace, cayce, heyse, ace, trace;
  2. debase, deface, apace, abase, efface, displace, disgrace;
  3. interlace;

What are the translations for embrace?

Afrikaans word for Embrace


Dutch words for Embrace

greep, bevatten, onderschrijven, omhelzen, omhelzing, aanvaarden, accepteren, inhouden, omarmen, omsluiten, omarming, omsluiting.

French words for Embrace

inclure, comprendre, adopter, accueillir, contenir, englober, couvrir, embrasser, s'étreindre, étreindre, étreinte, accolade, accepter, baiser, prendre dans ses bras.

German words for Embrace

annehmen, umfassen, zusammenfassen, ergreifen, umarmen, Umarmung, umschlingen, umklammern, Umklammerung, Umfassung.

Greek word for Embrace


Hindi word for Embrace

को गले.

Italian word for Embrace


Japanese words for Embrace

抱く, だきつく, 抱き付く, うだく, 抱きよせる, 抱きつく, 抱き寄せる, だきよせる, 抱付く, 相擁, 懐く, あいよう, いだく, だく, 抱きしめる.

Javanese word for Embrace


Korean word for Embrace


Malay word for Embrace


Norwegian word for Embrace


Portuguese words for Embrace

aproveitar, abranger, acolher, compreender, adotar, englobar, abraçar-se, abraçar(-se).

Romanian word for Embrace


Russian words for Embrace

объятия, обнимать, обниматься, обхватывать, обнять.

Spanish words for Embrace

envolver, aprovechar, asumir, acoger, cubrir, abarcar, incluir, admitir, incorporar, abrazar, adoptar, abrazarse, aceptar, comprender, contener, aceitar, adherirse, interiorizar, dedicarse.

Swedish word for Embrace


Tamil word for Embrace


Turkish word for Embrace


Ukrainian word for Embrace


Vietnamese word for Embrace

ôm hôn.