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How To Spell comprise?

Correct spelling: comprise

List of misspellings for comprise:

  • compres,
  • computerise,
  • comprimies,
  • comproses,
  • companaies,
  • compaines,
  • jumprings,
  • compies,
  • comapares,
  • comapies,
  • compynies,
  • comaprisson,
  • compresure,
  • comppanies,
  • comparies,
  • compre,
  • comprimse,
  • compnies,
  • comprimise,
  • compulise,
  • comproise,
  • compainies,
  • compromie,
  • comopares,
  • comparasen,
  • comprimsed,
  • companise,
  • compromisse,
  • compomiser,
  • coumpanies,
  • comparisen,
  • comparisome,
  • humpries,
  • comparied,
  • comprison,
  • comprimese,
  • comperhison,
  • jmorrissey,
  • compianies,
  • compusre,
  • campresh,
  • comparis,
  • compromice,
  • compimise,
  • compromis,
  • composier,
  • compliace,
  • compaire,
  • compreser,
  • comprisese,
  • conpiracy,
  • comperence,
  • comperison,
  • complice,
  • compreesed,
  • compramize,
  • comprase,
  • comapnies,
  • compaires,
  • companie's,
  • comprimize,
  • compase,
  • comparise,
  • compari,
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  • comparig,
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  • campires,
  • cmpromise,
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  • jumpdrive,
  • compraison,
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  • compreses,
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  • coprse,
  • compremise,
  • comparance,
  • compermise,
  • complaice,
  • comspiracy,
  • comparisim,
  • vampries,
  • comprobale,
  • comprometio,
  • compresser,
  • ameriprise,
  • cummaries,
  • comparisomn,
  • cospires,
  • comlpris,
  • compairse,
  • companiesa,
  • comprose.

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Les Huguenots, Act 3: Tu m'as comprise ; adieu !

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Two hemispheres representing the sphere of heaven comprise the two halves of this engine.

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Rhymes for comprise:

  1. y's, decries, dries, incise, highs, wise, surmise, upsize, dise, complies, sighs, wies, ayes, plies, unwise, ise, crise, lise, revise, flies, dies, mies, disguise, rise, bise, pries, pies, pint-size, nies, emprise, thighs, denies, grise, prize, skies, implies, despise, replies, surprise, size, demise, cries, unties, goodbyes, julies, guys, thais, supplies, geis, defies, buys, kise, guise, spies, eis, bies, ais, ries, fries, dyes, marseilles, eyes, ties, hise, tries, shies, wyse, lies, relies, chastise, vies;
  2. arise, advise, belies, baptize, apprise, devise, applies, reprise, allies;
  3. improvise, underlies, oversize;
  4. sensationalize, decriminalize;

Translations for comprise:

Afrikaans word for Comprise

bestaan ​​uit.

Arabic word for Comprise


Bengali word for Comprise

গঠন করা.

Chinese word for Comprise


French words for Comprise

comprendre, comporter, former, conter, contenir, englober, constituer, se composer de, se constituer de.

German words for Comprise

enthalten, umfassen, beinhalten, einbeziehen, bestehen, aus bestehen, umschließen, sich aus zusammensetzen, bestehen aus.

Greek word for Comprise


Hindi word for Comprise


Italian word for Comprise


Japanese word for Comprise


Javanese word for Comprise


Korean word for Comprise


Malay word for Comprise

Terdiri daripada.

Norwegian word for Comprise


Polish word for Comprise


Portuguese words for Comprise

comportar, abranger, compreender, englobar.

Romanian word for Comprise


Russian word for Comprise


Spanish words for Comprise

abarcar, incluir, constituir, formar, comprender, contener, componer, conformar.

Swedish word for Comprise


Tamil word for Comprise


Turkish word for Comprise


Ukrainian word for Comprise


Vietnamese word for Comprise

bao gồm.