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Correct spelling: own

Definition of own:

  1. To possess: to have a rightful title to.
  2. Belonging or peculiar to.
  3. To avow or admit.

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What does the abbreviation own mean?

OWN abbreviation definitions:
–  Older Women's Network
–  Organization of Waterfront Neighborhoods

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Examples of usage for own:

  1. " Oh well, I never have any say in my own house. – The Great Hunger by Johan Bojer
  2. That is my own money. – Down the Mother Lode by Vivia Hemphill
  3. Oh, I have enough of my own and after my death I will leave it to the child. – The Irish Fairy Book by Various

Rhymes for own:

  1. loan, shone, known, sloan, don't, scone, doane, tone, fone, mone, doan, thrown, rhone, throne, shown, joan, trone, clone, moan, cone, phone, lone, goen, sloane, roan, hoen, blown, bone, zone, sewn, coan, groan, koen, sharon, boan, drone, mon, hone, grown, sown, cohn, bowne, jone, rone, prone, stone, crone, flown, roane;
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  3. bourguignon, calderon, overgrown, overblown, unbeknown, overthrown;
  4. concepcion;