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How To Spell nearly?

Correct spelling: nearly

Definition of nearly:

  1. In a near manner; not remotely; closely; intimately; almost.

List of misspellings for nearly:

  • ner'zul,
  • nerby,
  • eearly,
  • generly,
  • nearlty,
  • enarly,
  • namly,
  • rearly,
  • nessiarly,
  • gneeral,
  • neral,
  • yerly,
  • ginerly,
  • neearby,
  • natly,
  • fanarly,
  • knealt,
  • newyorlk,
  • mearly,
  • nearely,
  • nobally,
  • neatley,
  • natuarly,
  • nearily,
  • nearkly,
  • earley,
  • yearl,
  • nerly,
  • bearlly,
  • nerarly,
  • genearlly,
  • weairly,
  • dearley,
  • nomarlly,
  • fornerly,
  • eeirly,
  • yearlly,
  • yealy,
  • nearlyu,
  • naturly,
  • nearley,
  • genarly,
  • neately,
  • norrowly,
  • nearl,
  • naerby,
  • naimly,
  • nievely,
  • neally,
  • enirly,
  • gnarley,
  • narely,
  • nearbay,
  • narly,
  • ne3wly,
  • narowly,
  • nealy,
  • neerby,
  • wearly,
  • enale,
  • nilly,
  • nergy,
  • newely,
  • unualy,
  • unally,
  • aerly,
  • earlly,
  • nearyl,
  • niavely,
  • nwely,
  • neardy,
  • niavly,
  • naerly,
  • genearl,
  • eirly,
  • nearbly,
  • neetlly,
  • nomarl,
  • bearly,
  • cearl,
  • niely,
  • newrly,
  • nealt,
  • cerly,
  • manerly,
  • newley,
  • newlly,
  • fearlly,
  • lenghly,
  • fearl,
  • nighly,
  • rarly,
  • eaarly,
  • genarlly,
  • nealry,
  • gnerally,
  • nearlly,
  • nessarly,
  • nievly,
  • raerly.

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Nearly a Lady


1915 film

Nearly a Lady is a lost 1915 American comedy silent film directed by Hobart Bosworth and written by Elsie Janis. The film stars Elsie Janis, Frank Elliott, Owen Moore, Myrtle Stedman and Harry Ham.

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This graph shows how "nearly" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Rhymes for nearly:

  1. clearly, merely, myrlie, dearly, yearly;
  2. severely, sincerely, austerely;
  3. cavalierly;

Translations for nearly:

Afrikaans word for Nearly


Arabic word for Nearly


Chinese words for Nearly

近乎, 差不多, 快要, 险些, 差点, 几乎.

Dutch words for Nearly

haast, bijna, nagenoeg, zowat, welhaast, zo goed als, bijna, vrijwel.

French words for Nearly

presque, près de, pratiquement, approximativement, quasiment.

German words for Nearly

knapp, schier, fast, nahezu, beinahe, quasi, beinah, weitestgehend.

Greek word for Nearly


Javanese word for Nearly


Korean word for Nearly


Malay word for Nearly


Marathi word for Nearly


Norwegian word for Nearly


Polish word for Nearly


Portuguese words for Nearly

quase, praticamente.

Romanian word for Nearly


Spanish words for Nearly

casi, aproximadamente, próximamente.

Swedish word for Nearly


Turkish word for Nearly


Vietnamese word for Nearly

gần như.