How To Spell closely?

Correct spelling: closely

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What are the rhymes for closely?

  1. mostly, grossly;

What are the translations for closely?

Afrikaans words for Closely

noukeurig, digby, strykelings.

Catalan words for Closely

ajustadament, atentament, estretament.

Dutch word for Closely


French words for Closely

étroitement, similairement, attentivement, semblablement, en étroite collaboration, intimement, comparablement, rigoureusement.

German words for Closely

unmittelbar, hart, dicht, fest, genau, weitgehend, eng, Nähe, vertraut, innig, nah, freundschaftlich, hautnah, eingehend, engmaschig, traulich, dichtauf.

Portuguese words for Closely

perto, intimamente, particularmente, estreitamente, rigorosamente, com atenção, apertadamente, compactamente, familiarmente.

Spanish words for Closely

atentamente, aproximadamente, cerca, directamente, juntos, cuidadosamente, estrechamente, conjuntamente, profundamente, próximamente, fielmente, minuciosamente, íntimamente, con atención, cercanamente, detenidamente, estrictamente, con detenimiento, intensamente, reñidamente, con lupa, comparablemente, juntamente, pormenorizadamente.