How To Spell closer?

Correct spelling: closer

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This graph shows how "closer" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

What are the rhymes for closer?

  1. poser, bowser, moser, doser, grocer, roser, grosser;
  2. composer, disposer;

What are the translations for closer?

Afrikaans word for Closer


Dutch words for Closer

nauwer, dichterbij, hechter, grondiger, intiemer.

French words for Closer

plus près, plus proche, plus précis, plus minutieux.

German word for Closer


Greek word for Closer


Italian word for Closer

più vicino.

Javanese word for Closer


Malay word for Closer

Lebih dekat.

Norwegian word for Closer


Polish word for Closer


Portuguese word for Closer

mais perto.

Romanian word for Closer

mai aproape.

Russian word for Closer


Spanish words for Closer

más cercano, más estrecho, más detallado, más próximo, más reñido, más unido, más igualado, más ajustado, más cerrado, más cerca.

Swedish word for Closer


Ukrainian word for Closer


Vietnamese word for Closer

gần gũi hơn.