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How To Spell automation?

Correct spelling: automation

Definition of automation:

  1. equipment used to achieve automatic control or operation; "this factory floor is a showcase for automation and robotic equipment"

List of misspellings for automation:

  • ultimation,
  • autlmation,
  • assumetion,
  • autmation,
  • aufomation,
  • acedemician,
  • a8tomation,
  • au6omation,
  • autokation,
  • amimation,
  • assumation,
  • auyomation,
  • adrimation,
  • atomisation,
  • afermation,
  • accommation,
  • automstion,
  • stopmotion,
  • atantion,
  • automaticial,
  • adirmation,
  • authersation,
  • automatkon,
  • imfomation,
  • aut9mation,
  • attenmtion,
  • attemptiong,
  • automatuon,
  • automatialy,
  • automatiacly,
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  • optimation,
  • zutomation,
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  • affamation,
  • aitomation.

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Automation and the Future of Jobs


2016 film

Automation and the Future of Jobs is a 2016 Swedish documentary written and directed by Magnus Sjöström. The film explores how digitalization, robotics and automation reshapes the future of jobs.

George Massenburg


Recording engineer

George Y. Massenburg is a recording engineer and inventor. Working principally in Baltimore, Los Angeles, Nashville, and Macon, Georgia, Massenburg is widely known for submitting a paper to the Audio Engineering Society in 1972 regarding the parametric equalizer.

Integrated Process Automation



IPA or Integrated Process Automation is a company located in Bangalore, India which specialises in manufacturing, R&D, and Production of Load cells, Vibration switches and other Industrial automation systems.

Systematic Automation



Systematic Automation, Inc. is the world's largest manufacturer of precision screen printing machines, vacuum tables, rotary indexer base machines, and UV curing devices.




TAC is a Swedish-based building automation company in the fields of both energy solutions and security. It also operates in other countries including the United Kingdom and the United States and was originally established as Tour Agenturer in 1925 in Stockholm.

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Rhymes for automation:

  1. excavation, installation, cremation, oscillation, mechanization, examination, meditation, categorization, misapplication, ligation, deregulation, condemnation, observation, mummification, exaggeration, incarceration, obligation, miscalculation, concentration, coloration, characterization, donation, divination, indentation, ministration, insinuation, capitulation, expatriation, coronation, sensation, mutation, salvation, presentation, equitation, delegation, certification, denunciation, regimentation, hyperinflation, implantation, echolocation, saponification, illumination, proclamation, ionization, decapitation, consummation, self-congratulation, validation, desalination, authentication, recreation, creation, arbitration, decoration, deportation, concatenation, jubilation, dissemination, interpretation, depravation, confiscation, humiliation, reunification, representation, violation, unification, compilation, gravitation, calculation, personalization, contamination, refrigeration, sedimentation, expropriation, affiliation, refutation, moderation, detonation, destabilization, continuation, evaporation, croatian, procrastination, disorganization, motivation, conglomeration, alteration, inclination, syndication, exacerbation, exoneration, contemplation, desegregation, modification, instigation, premeditation, corporation, revocation, emancipation, cohabitation, relocation, exclamation, figuration, ratification, alienation, dalmatian, coagulation, assimilation, transportation, vocation, duration, purification, modernization, documentation, incorporation, specialization, miseration, amortization, explanation, mutilation, balkanization, evaluation, inauguration, inflammation, elation, elaboration, confirmation, incapacitation, prefabrication, mediation, electrification, regulation, fabrication, quantification, appalachian, horatian, congregation, codification, situation, coordination, culmination, provocation, obfuscation, inundation, nucleation, permutation, interrogation, elimination, sterilization, palpitation, optimization, domestication, articulation, suburbanization, hallucination, information, exfoliation, desalinization, misappropriation, reaffiliation, commercialization, relation, malformation, gentrification, experimentation, russification, transplantation, vaporization, conciliation, importation, imputation, emanation, condensation, incubation, harmonization, stipulation, avocation, edification, discrimination, configuration, perspiration, denomination, gasification, dissipation, civilization, exhumation, celebration, dispensation, granulation, mobilization, devastation, inoculation, origination, investigation, communication, reinterpretation, visualization, glaciation, simulation, notation, argumentation, duplication, negation, hybridization, fibrillation, detoxification, reconfiguration, westernization, confabulation, hibernation, consolidation, formulation, depopulation, diversification, aspiration, rejuvenation, improvisation, industrialization, depredation, renomination, adaptation, filtration, expiration, translation, desecration, respiration, sarmatian, impersonation, exploitation, popularization, quotation, glorification, demonization, perforation, alleviation, temptation, association, damnation, desperation, incantation, organisation, immigration, renovation, masturbation, differentiation, implication, fascination, relaxation, reaffirmation, regeneration, reconfirmation, fertilization, complication, rehabilitation, falsification, emigration, education, vacation, innovation, deviation, vaccination, recommendation, compensation, allocation, incrustation, subordination, overvaluation, allegation, intensification, consolation, clarification, incrimination, augmentation, unionization, reconciliation, qualification, maximization, collaboration, declaration, pressurization, verification, disqualification, deliberation, impregnation, disinflation, disorientation, destination, deformation, nonproliferation, reevaluation, reincarnation, affirmation, nullification, pontification, intonation, excitation, justification, aggravation, elevation, nationalization, sanctification, inflation, rectification, computerization, animation, correlation, substantiation, appellation, ossification, lubrication, intimidation, simplification, intoxication, invocation, evocation, illustration, perturbation, pagination, reclassification, dehydration, recitation, irrigation, registration, visitation, amalgamation, annotation, calibration, insemination, derivation, infiltration, maturation, eradication, indexation, formation, defamation, lactation, adulation, invalidation, revelation, consternation, fluoridation, vulgarization, agitation, integration, segregation, distillation, liberation, demodulation, admiration, fluctuation, exasperation, reclamation, vindication, amelioration, perpetuation, saturation, equalization, isolation, pacification, polarization, normalization, fragmentation, multiplication, generalization, levitation, dictation, restoration, undervaluation, discontinuation, nomination, hydrogenation, victimization, assassination, ordination, demobilization, depreciation, affrication, cancellation, protestation, conservation, amplification, location, commemoration, annexation, profanation, cogitation, federation, sedation, flotation, identification, manipulation, colonization, embarkation, corp, backwardation, vegetation, recertification, pollination, stabilization, narration, strangulation, pronunciation, disembarkation, decentralization, determination, medication, misrepresentation, probation, limitation, specification, adoration, participation, consideration, flirtation, fortification, proration, deforestation, excommunication, explication, infatuation, dehumanization, aviation, combination, legalization, punctuation, ejaculation, overpopulation, insubordination, repatriation, confrontation, desolation, ornamentation, oration, classification, conversation, evacuation, ostentation, sophistication, remuneration, magnetization, telecommunication, reforestation, constipation, recantation, preparation, reflation, rotation, magnification, confederation, modulation, machination, stagnation, dissertation, summation, implementation, organization, demonstration, prognostication, localization, predestination, stimulation, communization, pasteurization, gestation, deprivation, commendation, valuation, extrapolation, hesitation, deceleration, dilation, starvation, disputation, irritation, hospitalization, degeneration, oxidation, instrumentation, renunciation, hydration, expectation, remediation, preservation, congratulation, affectation, solicitation, globalization, stagflation, dilatation, standardization, approximation, transformation, exploration, optation, ventilation, disinformation, reallocation, stalinization, rehydration, reexamination, reauthorization, reconsideration, privatisation, discoloration, criminalization, resuscitation, libration, occupation, inhabitation, indication, vibration, fermentation, triangulation, application, mineralization, inactivation, gratification, orientation, exhortation, reverberation, recrimination, manifestation, nondiscrimination, appreciation, privation, appropriation, centralization, speculation, escalation, repudiation, invitation, emulation, ovulation, sanitation, irradiation, migration, conjugation, democratization, redecoration, miscommunication, neutralization, realization, miniaturization, precipitation, negotiation, reorganization, demarcation, initiation, liberalization, separation, extermination, christianization, radiation, tribulation, proliferation, foundation, decontamination, indoctrination, conflagration, segmentation, equivocation, misidentification, designation, termination, graduation, enumeration, collectivization, exhilaration, replication, reformation, indemnification, reputation, personification, politicization, subluxation, misinformation, inhalation, utilization, plantation, insulation, elongation, approbation, suffocation, imitation, dramatization, dedication, disinclination, recalculation, deification, infestation, laceration, notification, advocation, retaliation, intimation, accumulation, gastrulation, rumination, reparation, ramification, delineation, desiccation, toleration, reservation, vacillation, agglomeration, exhalation, consultation, corroboration, imagination, menstruation, cultivation, habitation, mitigation, convocation, ovation, propagation, computation, resignation, domination, anticipation, cooperation, devaluation, constellation, recuperation, fixation, pigmentation, marginalization, demoralization, naturalization, deflation, disintegration, molestation, retardation, publication, indignation, navigation, adjudication, immunization, bifurcation, socialization, facilitation, gyration, incoordination, authorization, altercation, revitalization, taxation, sequestration, prostration, connotation, fumigation, estimation, dislocation, vilification, tabulation, population, urbanization, rationalization, inspiration, amputation, annihilation, securitization, degradation, monopolization, transillumination, incarnation, reinvigoration, misinterpretation, orchestration, miscreation, generation, procreation, gradation, consecration, dissociation, revaluation, liquidation, titillation, preoccupation, usurpation, frustration, crustacean, foliation, subsidization, variation, decertification, rededication, litigation, reiteration, germination, denationalization, trepidation, privatization, renegotiation, legislation, operation, nitration;
  2. station, ration, haitian, nation;
  3. alsatian, cessation, carnation, castration, citation, causation, cetacean;
  4. accusation, acclimation, aberration, abdication, abrogation, activation;
  5. abomination, accommodation, abbreviation, acceleration, accreditation;
  6. cannibalization, capitalization, acidification, alphabetization;
  7. antidiscrimination, demilitarization, americanization, decriminalization;
  8. internationalization, institutionalization;

Translations for automation:

Afrikaans word for Automation


Bengali word for Automation


Dutch words for Automation

automatisering, automatisatie.

French words for Automation

automatisation, automation, bureautique, mécanisation.

German word for Automation


Greek word for Automation


Hindi word for Automation


Italian word for Automation


Japanese word for Automation


Javanese word for Automation


Korean word for Automation


Malay word for Automation


Marathi word for Automation


Polish word for Automation


Portuguese word for Automation


Romanian word for Automation


Russian word for Automation


Spanish words for Automation

automatización, domótica, automatismo, robotización, electrotecnia.

Tamil word for Automation


Turkish word for Automation


Ukrainian word for Automation