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How To Spell carnation?

Correct spelling: carnation

Definition of carnation:

  1. having the color of a carnation

List of misspellings for carnation:

  • recanetion,
  • urnation,
  • cobination,
  • kaniption,
  • corliation,
  • constion,
  • canceation,
  • fasonation,
  • coranation,
  • ignation,
  • fucnation,
  • comanation,
  • cordanation,
  • curpution,
  • corpution,
  • vaccanation,
  • corination,
  • caucacian,
  • cogntion,
  • corpoation,
  • recarnation,
  • gernation,
  • conrattion,
  • cordantion,
  • covention,
  • reicarnation,
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  • vacanation,
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  • canection.

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Carnation Co v Quebec (Agricultural Marketing Board)


Carnation Co v Quebec (Agricultural Marketing Board) [1968] S.C.R. 238 is a leading constitutional decision of the Supreme Court of Canada on the federal authority over trade and commerce under section 91 of the Constitution Act, 1867.

Joe Karafiát


Czech singer

Joe Karafiát is a Czech singer and guitarist. In 1980, he emigrated from Czechoslovakia to London and he left England after two years.



Album by The For Carnation

Marshmallows is the debut mini-LP of The For Carnation, released on March 12, 1996 by Matador Records.

Petrorhagia nanteuilii


Petrorhagia nanteuilii is a species of flowering plant in the carnation family, Caryophyllaceae. Common names include childing pink, productive carnation, proliferous pink and wild carnation It is an annual that grows to 50 cm tall.

USS Carnation (1863)


USS Carnation (1863) was a steamer acquired by the Union Navy during the American Civil War. She was used by the Navy to patrol navigable waterways of the Confederacy to prevent the South from trading with other countries.

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Rhymes for carnation:

  1. immigration, criminalization, elation, notation, vulgarization, codification, explication, characterization, dehydration, duration, russification, nullification, identification, indemnification, legislation, stabilization, depravation, stalinization, instrumentation, adulation, litigation, location, prostration, insemination, summation, amortization, dissipation, relocation, exfoliation, modification, immunization, decontamination, disorganization, mechanization, contemplation, punctuation, information, representation, prognostication, rehabilitation, colonization, segmentation, constellation, oration, multiplication, lactation, corroboration, invocation, qualification, commendation, indignation, augmentation, anticipation, localization, illustration, ornamentation, innovation, amelioration, destabilization, confiscation, duplication, evacuation, frustration, electrification, sterilization, discrimination, collectivization, dispensation, elongation, personalization, integration, unification, salvation, saponification, dislocation, liquidation, nondiscrimination, refutation, reverberation, condemnation, gravitation, backwardation, exaggeration, conflagration, elevation, ejaculation, hyperinflation, enumeration, disqualification, reconciliation, culmination, respiration, sanitation, maximization, ramification, distillation, cohabitation, pressurization, expropriation, donation, deliberation, quantification, importation, situation, exhortation, coloration, deflation, subordination, incantation, foundation, dictation, realization, implication, devaluation, provocation, medication, inoculation, retardation, misappropriation, deprivation, unionization, demonstration, reevaluation, exhilaration, inflation, purification, toleration, invalidation, edification, aspiration, termination, denomination, demonization, proration, categorization, prefabrication, affectation, designation, operation, ministration, divination, fertilization, profanation, amputation, evocation, capitulation, continuation, restoration, regeneration, education, reauthorization, orchestration, reformation, vacillation, exploration, ratification, disembarkation, alteration, authorization, privation, automation, federation, ligation, clarification, approximation, extermination, pollination, indentation, fascination, disinclination, installation, transplantation, fluoridation, glaciation, revelation, exhalation, deceleration, communication, reinvigoration, indexation, decapitation, irritation, segregation, valuation, rededication, vindication, personification, hydration, inauguration, constipation, sedimentation, optimization, procrastination, equivocation, pacification, dissociation, fumigation, exacerbation, negation, transillumination, equitation, transformation, gyration, confabulation, excitation, amalgamation, indication, gastrulation, domination, falsification, coagulation, elaboration, perturbation, alleviation, infatuation, filtration, advocation, registration, granulation, verification, reputation, preservation, nonproliferation, depreciation, violation, examination, marginalization, animation, destination, aggravation, motivation, inactivation, confirmation, formulation, sarmatian, insubordination, conciliation, defamation, probation, rejuvenation, nomination, stagflation, levitation, annexation, solicitation, classification, appreciation, eradication, extrapolation, compensation, precipitation, invitation, confrontation, expiration, amplification, pigmentation, naturalization, detoxification, ostentation, concatenation, miseration, obligation, commercialization, recuperation, self-congratulation, irrigation, calculation, subluxation, implementation, differentiation, vaccination, incarnation, hospitalization, interpretation, incarceration, reallocation, misapplication, interrogation, subsidization, tabulation, agglomeration, appropriation, consideration, ordination, dalmatian, depopulation, figuration, transportation, improvisation, 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reparation, flotation, degeneration, renegotiation, fabrication, hydrogenation, ovation, desalinization, publication, corporation, simplification, speculation, incoordination, balkanization, organization, sequestration, irradiation, complication, adjudication, evaporation, accumulation, victimization, nationalization, pronunciation, mediation, liberation, denunciation, inhalation, recommendation, resuscitation, propagation, observation, separation, recertification, sanctification, vibration, demodulation, allegation, revitalization, documentation, gestation, stimulation, revaluation, configuration, translation, stipulation, domestication, application, remuneration, simulation, dramatization, consolation, recreation, regulation, fortification, conjugation, ovulation, exclamation, disintegration, nitration, appalachian, manipulation, retaliation, trepidation, isolation, gentrification, dedication, reconfiguration, molestation, compilation, visitation, dilatation, imagination, oxidation, overvaluation, emancipation, reforestation, rectification, regimentation, contamination, renovation, perpetuation, conversation, legalization, fibrillation, sophistication, certification, utilization, coordination, alienation, lubrication, meditation, expatriation, vacation, disputation, quotation, desegregation, facilitation, computerization, insinuation, adoration, inclination, humiliation, misrepresentation, menstruation, misinterpretation, emigration, fermentation, appellation, detonation, population, substantiation, miscreation, adaptation, relaxation, suburbanization, investigation, socialization, celebration, remediation;
  2. nation, haitian, station, ration;
  3. citation, cetacean, causation, castration, alsatian, cessation;
  4. activation, accusation, abrogation, aberration, abdication, acclimation;
  5. accreditation, abbreviation, accommodation, abomination, acceleration;
  6. alphabetization, acidification, cannibalization, capitalization;
  7. decriminalization, americanization, antidiscrimination, demilitarization;
  8. institutionalization, internationalization;

Translations for carnation:

Afrikaans word for Carnation


Arabic word for Carnation


Bengali word for Carnation

গোলাপী পাতলবর্ণ.

Chinese word for Carnation


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Romanian word for Carnation


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Swedish word for Carnation


Tamil word for Carnation


Turkish word for Carnation


Ukrainian word for Carnation


Vietnamese word for Carnation

cây cẩm chướng.