Definitions of privately

  1. kept private or confined to those intimately concerned; "it was discussed privately between the two men"; "privately, she thought differently"; "some member of his own party hoped privately for his defeat"; "he was questioned in private" Scrapingweb Dictionary DB
  2. by a private person or interest; "a privately financed campaign" Scrapingweb Dictionary DB
  3. In a private manner; not openly; without the presence of others. Newage Dictionary DB
  4. In a manner affecting an individual; personally not officially; as, he is not privately benefited. Newage Dictionary DB
  5. In a private manner. Nuttall's Standard dictionary of the English language. By Nuttall, P.Austin. Published 1914.
  6. Not openly; secretly. Etymological and pronouncing dictionary of the English language. By Stormonth, James, Phelp, P. H. Published 1874.
  7. adv. In a secret manner ; not openly or publicly ;-in a manner affecting an individual or company. Cabinet Dictionary

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