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How To Spell elected?

Correct spelling: elected

List of misspellings for elected:

  • elcoed,
  • afected,
  • electrod,
  • relected,
  • seleccted,
  • alloctaed,
  • ereacted,
  • relocted,
  • elekta,
  • ennacted,
  • isolacted,
  • eletricuted,
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Related words for elected

Liberian general election, 2017


General elections were held in Liberia on 10 October 2017 to elect the President and House of Representatives. No candidate won a majority in the first round of the presidential vote, so the top two finishers — CDC standard-bearer Amb.

United States House of Representatives elections, 1804


General election

Elections to the United States House of Representatives for the 9th Congress were held at various dates in each state between April 24, 1804 and August 5, 1805. The Congress first met on December 2, 1805. The elections occurred at the same time as President Thomas Jefferson's re-election. Under Jefferson's popular administration, his party continued to gain seats in the House.

United States House of Representatives elections, 1808


General election

Elections to the United States House of Representatives for the 11th Congress were held in the various states between April 1808 and May 1809. The Congress first met on May 22, 1809.

United States House of Representatives elections, 1908


General election

Elections to the United States House of Representatives in 1908 were held for members of the 61st Congress, coinciding with the 1908 presidential election, which William Howard Taft won.

United States Senate elections, 1934


The United States Senate elections of 1934 occurred in the middle of Democratic President Franklin D. Roosevelt's first term. In the middle of the Great Depression, voters strongly backed Roosevelt's New Deal and his allies in the Senate.

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Quotes for elected:

  1. I think we have a number of young people- like yourself- who want to make a difference. I'm not sure the numbers are as large because I think the burden of getting elected to public office at the national level has become astronomically expensive.
  2. When my brother -in -law, BIll Clinton, was elected, he had gay friends. That was a coming out.
  3. Well, it seems to me Lincoln, I suppose, is kind of a model of a particular sort of presidency, a presidency that first of all is elected by a minority of the votes.
  4. More than half the combat deaths in Vietnam occurred after Richard Nixon was elected on a promise to bring the war to an end, and after the American people had already decided that they did not want one more soldier to die in Vietnam.
  5. If Obama has his way, the change that is coming is a new America: "fair," leveled and social democratic. Obama didn't get elected to warranty your muffler. He's here to warranty your life.

Translations for elected:

Afrikaans word for Elected


Arabic word for Elected


Chinese word for Elected


French word for Elected


German words for Elected

ausgelesen, erkoren.

Greek word for Elected


Hindi word for Elected


Italian word for Elected


Javanese word for Elected


Korean word for Elected


Malay word for Elected


Marathi word for Elected

निवडून आले.

Norwegian word for Elected


Polish word for Elected


Portuguese word for Elected


Romanian word for Elected


Russian word for Elected


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