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How To Spell expertise?

Correct spelling: expertise

List of misspellings for expertise:

  • expiriace,
  • expiernece,
  • expertiese,
  • expencie,
  • expertiece,
  • axieties,
  • expresties,
  • exprtise,
  • expetrs,
  • expertisee,
  • expectts,
  • experierce,
  • experteese,
  • expeirce,
  • experse,
  • expedious,
  • exspertise,
  • exeprts,
  • experti,
  • experstise,
  • expertees,
  • expetced,
  • expeshily,
  • expertience,
  • experiece,
  • expoerters,
  • expecify,
  • expereice,
  • expertis,
  • epertise,
  • expertize,
  • expertice,
  • expemse,
  • espertise,
  • experitise,
  • expentures,
  • expertses,
  • expertised,
  • experets,
  • experyise,
  • expertes,
  • experties,
  • expetrise,
  • expercise,
  • exprice,
  • exptertise,
  • expereiece,
  • expierce,
  • expirtise,
  • expterior,
  • expereimce,
  • expertixe,
  • exsperts,
  • experiace,
  • expertease,
  • expernse,
  • exerpiance,
  • experise,
  • exerepice,
  • expedie,
  • experirece,
  • expectthe,
  • expierice,
  • experice,
  • experte,
  • expeditiuously,
  • expetite,
  • expesaily,
  • experites,
  • expertley,
  • expertieze,
  • experteise,
  • experimce,
  • expenise,
  • experssed,
  • expertisein,
  • expersts,
  • excperts,
  • expernice,
  • expiries,
  • exertise,
  • expertising,
  • expertices,
  • experitse,
  • expertese,
  • expertse,
  • expets,
  • expertises,
  • experieice,
  • experdite,
  • expernce,
  • expeteced,
  • expernece,
  • exportin,
  • expertz,
  • expercie,
  • experteze,
  • expeterise,
  • expectes,
  • yourexpertise.

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Rhymes for expertise:

  1. ease, keyes, pease, fees, keys, gies, cees, knees, kees, friese, reas, squeeze, deis, z's, neas, she's, bes, mees, bees, geez, hees, sees, feese, jeez, sprees, reis, frieze, frees, cheese, glees, neis, teas, leas, peas, trees, please, neese, freeze, tees, wheeze, dees, saez, breese, skis, these, sneeze, vees, lees, meis, rees, seas, sies, fleas, preis, sleaze, pleas, mease, seize, flees, crees, liese, breeze, tease, beas, nees, deas, threes, keas;
  2. reprise, displease, belize, cds, pawnees, agrees, chinese, jaycees, andries, scorsese, draftees, trainees, degrees, aziz, trapeze, cadiz, louise, unease, lessees, chemise, burmese, ortiz, decrees, rupees, appease, disease, trustees, foresees, maltese;
  3. taiwanese, balinese, javanese, conferees, appointees, detainees, siamese, journalese, sudanese, timorese, nepalese, japanese, ccs, nominees, referees, designees, devotees, guarantees, honorees, licensees, overseas, retirees, returnees, absentees, guaranties, disagrees, escapees, sinhalese, internees, amputees, inductees, enlistees, cantonese, annamese, enrollees, franchisees;
  4. abts, indochinese, stds, interviewees;

Translations for expertise:

Arabic word for Expertise


Chinese word for Expertise


Dutch words for Expertise

kennis, vakkennis, deskundigheid, bekwaamheid, knowhow, kundigheid.

French words for Expertise

connaissance, savoir-faire.

German words for Expertise

Begutachtung, Gutachten, Expertise, Know-how, Kompetenz, Fachwissen, Fachkenntnisse, Erfahrung, Sachverstand, Sachkenntnis, Fachkenntnis, Fachkompetenz, fachliche Kompetenz, Sachkunde, Sachverständigengutachten, Kennerschaft.

Greek word for Expertise


Hindi word for Expertise


Italian words for Expertise

perizia, competenza.

Japanese word for Expertise


Javanese word for Expertise


Korean word for Expertise

전문적 기술.

Malay word for Expertise


Norwegian word for Expertise


Polish words for Expertise

kompetencja, wiedza, ekspertyza, kompetencje, wiedza fachowa, fachowość, wiedza specjalistyczna.

Portuguese words for Expertise

habilidade, conhecimento, experiência, competência, competências, domínio, capacidade, especialização, especialidade, perícia, conhecimento especializado, saber-fazer, proficiência.

Romanian word for Expertise


Russian word for Expertise


Spanish words for Expertise

experiencia, conocimiento, capacidad, capacidades, habilidad, pericia, destreza, conocimientos, especialización, maestría, saber hacer, experticia.

Swedish word for Expertise


Tamil word for Expertise


Turkish word for Expertise


Vietnamese word for Expertise

chuyên môn.