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Quotes for hats:

  1. I wear a lot of different hats- from writer to producer and artist. We all do 5 or 6 jobs, everything from creating our own graphic design to actually recording and the whole bit.
  2. Sir Larry could be very strict and a disciplinarian, too. He had many faces; he wore many hats. But, ultimately, he loved the theater and he loved actors.
  3. All politicians should have 3 hats- one to throw into the ring, one to talk through, and one to pull rabbits out of if elected.
  4. So I wanted to show what I did with the money. So I got red silk shirts, beautiful hats, wonderful saddles, a great horse, and two gold teeth. So that was the way I did it.
  5. Hats divide generally into three classes: offensive hats, defensive hats, and shrapnel.

Rhymes for hats:

  1. pats, mats, dats, flats, spats, lats, brats, gnats, slats, matz, chats, prats, fats, hatz, atz, batz, patz, mattes, ratts, katz, nats, bats, stats, cats, rats, kats, vats, gratz, matts, batts;
  2. combats;