How To Spell honour?

Correct spelling: honour

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woman of honor
Honour as a girl's name is a variant of Honor (Latin), and the meaning of Honour is "woman of honor".

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What are the translations for honour?

Arabic word for Honour


Bengali word for Honour

সম্মান ডিগ্রী.

Dutch words for Honour

onderscheiding, naleven, eer, eren, nakomen, vereren.

French words for Honour

honorer, distinction, accepter, gloire, honneur, distinction honorifique.

German words for Honour

nachkommen, anerkennen, auszeichnen, honorieren, Auszeichnung, Ehre, akzeptieren, Ehrung, respektieren, ehren, huldigen, beehren.

Italian word for Honour


Japanese words for Honour

敬意, 栄誉, 敬う, たまわる, うやまう, 賜わる, 面子, せっそう.

Javanese word for Honour

Honors degree.

Malay word for Honour

Ijazah kehormat.

Marathi word for Honour

सन्मान पदवी.

Norwegian word for Honour


Romanian word for Honour


Russian word for Honour


Spanish words for Honour

cumplir, respetar, orgullo, honor, rendir homenaje, honra.

Tamil word for Honour

மரியாதை பட்டம்.

Turkish word for Honour

Onur derecesi.