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Correct spelling: also

Definition of also:

  1. Likewise; besides.

Common misspellings for also:

alse, allsow, allsowe, alsow, alo, alsa, alsoe, allso.


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Examples of usage for also:

  1. While some distinctions between these words and phrases will appear to the careful student, yet in practise the choice between them is largely to secure euphony and avoid repetition. The words fall into two groups; as well as, besides, in addition, too, withal, simply add a fact or thought; also all so), in like manner, likewise, similarly, affirm that what is added is like that to which it is added. As well follows the word or phrase to which it is joined. We can say the singers as well as the players, or the players, and the singers as well. –  by
  2. But I would add this much more- let them be also nothing to us. –  by
  3. The lady back of them had also opened her lunch. –  by