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Spell Check of barring

Correct spelling: barring


Definition of barring:

  1. Excepting.

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This graph shows how "barring" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for barring:

  1. A dull steel door had been lowered behind them, barring the way to the back rooms.
  2. Not satisfied with barring the door, the old habitant pushed his chest against it.
  3. He could keep his seat, and, barring a collision with some passing vehicle, the chances were that he would win through.

Quotes for barring:

  1. To be a surrealist means barring from your mind all remembrance of what you have seen, and being always on the lookout for what has never been. - Rene Magritte
  2. The economy in Ireland has been rampaging ahead for the last 15 years. Barring an international, political or natural catastrophe, things can only get better for the Irish. - Eddie Murphy
  3. We have good security. It's hard to get in here. Barring a tactical entry where terrorists come in and hold us hostage, that's about the only thing that could possibly warrant me carrying a gun in the clubhouse. That's highly unlikely, and I admit that. But my personal belief is I don't want to suffer from the poor choices of others. - Luke Scott
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