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Correct spelling: inconvenience


Definition of inconvenience:

  1. The being inconvenient; want of convenience; that which inconveniences.
  2. To put to inconvenience; to incommode; to trouble.

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Examples of usage for inconvenience:

  1. And I want to see that Lehmann isn't put to any inconvenience; for, you know, I introduced Nina to the New Theatre." "Prince Fortunatus" , William Black.
  2. In a little while the soldiers had taken everything they could carry conveniently, and even things which must have caused them some inconvenience. "Two Little Confederates" , Thomas Nelson Page.
  3. If he goes away without being engaged she will soon forget him, and he, employed in active service, will forget her; the matter will thus be settled, and much inconvenience saved." "Won from the Waves" , W.H.G. Kingston.

Quotes for inconvenience:

  1. Thirty years ago, many economists argued that inflation was a kind of minor inconvenience and that the cost of reducing inflation was too high a price to pay. No one would make those arguments today. - Martin Feldstein
  2. When I got a call from Los Angeles to do the Tonight Show, I considered it more of an inconvenience than an opportunity. - Lorna Luft
  3. I got cocky and I stopped taking my vitamins. It was an inconvenience to have a suitcase full of vitamins with me on the road. About two years ago, it caught up with me. - Mary Ann Mobley
  4. That's why I do this music business thing, it's communication with people without having the extreme inconvenience of actually phoning anybody up. - Steven Morrissey
  5. Give your clients the earliest delivery consistent with quality- whatever the inconvenience to us. - Arthur C. Nielsen

Rhymes for inconvenience:

  1. convenience.
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