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Spell Check of scarcely

Correct spelling: scarcely


Definition of scarcely:

  1. Hardly; with difficulty.

Common misspellings for scarcely:

scaredly, scarcly, scarecely, scarsley, scarsely, scarley, scaresly, scarely, scarecly, scarcley, scacely.

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This graph shows how "scarcely" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for scarcely:

  1. She scarcely knew what to say. "The Devil's Garden" , W. B. Maxwell.
  2. He scarcely seemed to listen to the answer. "The Devil's Garden" , W. B. Maxwell.
  3. There were scarcely any of them left- and that was all that was left of him. "The Rough Road" , William John Locke.

Quotes for scarcely:

  1. It is safe to make a choice of your thoughts, scarcely ever safe to express them all. - Isaac Barrow
  2. Learning is the ally, not the adversary of genius... he who reads in a proper spirit, can scarcely read too much. - William Godwin
  3. But when I don't smoke I scarcely feel as if I'm living. I don't feel as if I'm living unless I'm killing myself. - Russell Hoban
  4. You often feel that your prayers scarcely reach the ceiling; but, oh, get into this humble spirit by considering how good the Lord is, and how evil you all are, and then prayer will mount on wings of faith to heaven. - Charles Simeon
  5. Lettuce is like conversation; it must be fresh and crisp, so sparkling that you scarcely notice the bitter in it. - Charles Dudley Warner

Idioms for scarcely:

  1. hardly/ scarcely etc. earthshattering
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