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Correct spelling: souvenir

Definition of souvenir:

  1. A remembrancer; a keepsake.

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Examples of usage for souvenir:

  1. You were, I admit, extremely clever, Herr Richter, and I confess that I was quite charmed when you sent me, as souvenir that golden butterfly to the hotel in Frankenhausen- that pretty ornament which I returned to you as a mark of my refusal and defiance of the conditions you imposed upon me for the release of my brother from the sentence of fifteen years in a fortress. – The Secrets of Potsdam by William Le Queux
  2. They usually receive a pretty souvenir from the bride and a bouquet from the groom. – The Book of Good Manners by W. C. Green
  3. The souvenir value of European remedies is due to the assumption that no better way was open to the European, and that the remedy actually does what it is intended to do. – Civics and Health by William H. Allen

Quotes for souvenir:

  1. Beauty is ever to the lonely mind a shadow fleeting; she is never plain. She is a visitor who leaves behind the gift of grief, the souvenir of pain.
  2. Sometimes I take the watch, or I take the shoes, but usually the souvenir is to take the life you had with those directors, or the crew- the camera person, the lighting person. When you finish a film it's like a little death. You had a family for a bit, and you finish the movie and you probably will never see each other again.
  3. I've lost all my money on these films. They are not commercial. But I'm glad to lose it this way. To have for a souvenir of my life pictures like Umberto D. and The Bicycle Thief.

Rhymes for souvenir:

  1. beer, blear, cheer, clear, dear, deer, deere, ear, fear, gear, hear, here, jeer, lear, leer, meir, mere, near, peer, pier, rear, sear, sere, shear, sheer, smear, sneer, spear, speer, sphere, steer, tear, veer, year, bere, fleer, frere, geer, gere, kier, mear, mir, neer, wier, speir, vere, greer, shere, nir, cyr, cleere, fier, gier, kear, stear, teer, we're;
  2. adhere, amir, appear, austere, career, cashier, emir, frontier, inhere, premier, premiere, rehear, revere, severe, sincere, unclear, veneer, vizier, zaire, lanier, shamir, yasir, zahir, lazear, rainier, samir, wazir, dornier, sameer;
  3. auctioneer, bandolier, belvedere, bombardier, brigadier, cavalier, chandelier, chevalier, commandeer, disappear, domineer, engineer, financier, gondolier, insincere, interfere, mutineer, overhear, pamphleteer, persevere, pioneer, profiteer, racketeer, reappear, volunteer, charpentier, rensselaer;
  4. conventioneer, electioneer, reengineer;