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Correct spelling: paralyzed


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This graph shows how "paralyzed" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for paralyzed:

  1. It paralyzed me, and I thought I should d- i- e!
  2. The fact which paralyzed my hand and voice when I saw her lift the drop of death to her lips was this: I had meant to die by this drop myself, in Dorothy's room, and with Dorothy's arms about me.
  3. I tried to tell him that I was all right, that it was just the sudden glare that paralyzed me, and to get his arms off my neck before I strangled.

Quotes for paralyzed:

  1. I became paralyzed as an artist with writer's block. - David Guterson
  2. Visionary people face the same problems everyone else faces; but rather than get paralyzed by their problems, visionaries immediately commit themselves to finding a solution. - Bill Hybels
  3. We are the kind of people who obsess over one word... but we have only one shot to get it right in concert. It was hard the first time I practiced with them. I was so nervous that my vocal chords were paralyzed for about a half -hour. - Amy Tan
  4. We are witnessing a slow, steady takeover of our true freedoms. We are becoming a socialist nation, and whoever can't see this is probably hoping it isn't true. If we permit Mr. Obama to take over all our industries, if we permit him to raise our taxes to support unconstitutional causes, then we will be in default. This great America will become a paralyzed nation. - Jon Voight
  5. I've seen many politicians paralyzed in the legs as myself, but I've seen more of them who were paralyzed in the head. - George C. Wallace

Rhymes for paralyzed:

  1. sterilized.
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