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Correct spelling: potato


Definition of potato:

  1. The tuber of a S. American plant, extensively cultivated for food: the plant itself.

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Examples of usage for potato:

  1. Any one can easily prove for himself that a potato boiled in salt water diminishes in weight, whilst its weight increases when it is cooked in soft water. "The Mechanism of Life" , Stéphane Leduc.
  2. " Oh, Antone," cried Potato, " that's wrong. "The Green Forest Fairy Book" , Loretta Ellen Brady.
  3. " There, now, you see we mean no harm," declared Pumpkin, " so let Potato go. "The Green Forest Fairy Book" , Loretta Ellen Brady.

Quotes for potato:

  1. If you begin a conversation about potato salad and find yourself being called a castrating bitch, don't waste your time going around and around about this with your girlfriends, trying to figure out what happened. - Merrill Markoe
  2. It probably goes without saying that I enjoy the potato pancakes, delicious hams and so forth that maddeningly turn up at this time of year. - Fred Melamed
  3. I'm pretty much a couch potato. - Wentworth Miller
  4. The man who has nothing to boast of but his illustrious ancestry is like the potato- the best part under ground. - Thomas Overbury
  5. Without the potato, the balance of European power might never have tilted north. - Michael Pollan

Rhymes for potato:

  1. tomato.

Idioms for potato:

  1. drop sb/ sth like a hot potato
  2. drop like a hot potato
  3. a hot potato
  4. drop sb/ sth like a hot brick/ potato
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