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Correct spelling: lets

Common misspellings for lets:

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What does the abbreviation lets mean?

LETS abbreviation definitions:
–  Learning Exchange for Teachers and Students
–  Local Economic Trading System

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Rhymes for lets:

  1. letz, bets, wetz, pets, debts, wets, mets, getz, frets, vets, gets, sweats, nets, jets, netz, threats, let's, sets, letts, betts;
  2. octets, begets, abets, resets, regrets, corvettes, quartets, besets, pipettes, roulettes, cassettes, upsets, rosettes, cadets, forgets, diskettes, vignettes, brunettes, duets;
  3. pirouettes, coronets, cigarettes, cabernets, silhouettes, suffragettes;