How To Spell lists?

Correct spelling: lists

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What are the usage examples for lists?

  1. They spell it " Honble" on letters or the lists of passengers, but you do not call them by it at all, which is odd; because if not, what is its use? – The Lightning Conductor Discovers America by C. N. (Charles Norris) Williamson and A. M. (Alice Muriel) Williamson
  2. The lists were filled, and the names were drawn. – La Vendée An Historical Romance by Anthony Trollope
  3. No lists of killed and wounded shall be given out until I am ready. – The Last Shot by Frederick Palmer
  4. The " Top 100" lists the top 100 eBooks and the top 100 authors for the previous day, the last 7 days and the last 30 days. – Project Gutenberg (1971-2005) by Marie Lebert
  5. Such were the duke's favourite pastimes, whether at Turin, Carignan, or at Bourg, where the lists were opened under the castle walls. – The First Governess of the Netherlands, Margaret of Austria by Eleanor E. Tremayne
  6. In any one of the lists of " Specimens examined" beyond, the order of arrangement of the localities is from north to south. – Geographic Variation in the Pocket Gopher, Cratogeomys castanops, in Coahuila Mexico by Robert J. Russell Rollin H. Baker
  7. From these books the invitation lists are made out by the proper officials, but in order to secure an invitation to Lady Curzon's " drawing- room" a stranger must be presented by some person of importance who is well known at court. – Modern India by William Eleroy Curtis
  8. At what a cost in exertion, those will best feel who enter the same lists – Erasmus and the Age of Reformation by Johan Huizinga
  9. He checked up the lists and from that time on appeared every day or so to see to things. – The Chinese Fairy Book by Various
  10. Lists were drawn up for Henry’ s benefit. – The New Irish Constitution by J. H. Morgan

What are the translations for lists?

Afrikaans word for Lists


Arabic word for Lists


Dutch words for Lists

lijsten, inventarissen.

French words for Lists

lister, listes.

German words for Lists

Liste, listen.

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